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Happy Year Of The Rabbit Y’all

February 3rd, 2011 | 3 comments | Posted by Jen

Today marks the start of the Year of the Rabbit, and it’s gonna be huge, we just know it.

Darius, the world's biggest rabbit

To celebrate, we give you…

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ROCK OF ASIAN: New Year, New Jane Lui Rekkid!

January 5th, 2011 | 7 comments | Posted by Diana

Y’all how much we love ourselves some Jane Lui. And since the moment she began fundraising for her third record, we’ve been slobbering, aching, begging to hear her sweet voice singing some sleek new tunes.

Well, that moment is finally here! Lui’s self-released third and full-length LP, Goodnight Company, arrived just before the holidays and is basically the only thing I’ve listened to for two weeks. [You too can join in the fun by downloading the album off of her site for (!!!) for free.]

It’s only fitting that Goodnight Company should arrive just as the world rounds the corner into a new year and possibility-filled decade, as it reflects a fresh start, new chapter and tonal shift for the seasoned singer/songwriter. Lui has frequently lent her silky voice to moody ballads and soft, acoustic confessions, but she’s clearly transitioned into a more womanly self–one with a spark to her step, one with gutsy grit, one with little fear of her offbeat and unexpected sexiness.

“Jailcard” is the album’s first single, if you will, or certainly the most likely candidate for the role (see the official music video, and her funky smooves, above). The track showcases Lui’s finest qualities, notably refined–sophisticated lyrics, sultry technique, an impressive vocal range–enhanced with an infectious dance beat and and undeniable lightness.

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Away for the Holidaysians

December 23rd, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

Contrary to popular belief…

…even Asians take breaks from work for play. (Sometimes.) (Please don’t tell our parents.)

We’re taking a little time off for winter R&R and holiday celebrasian. But don’t worry, on January 5, we’ll be back–and Hardass as ever.

See ya next year! Now go play Guitar Hero!


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December 31st, 2007 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

Happy New Year all! Instead of us deciding who deserves the coveted mantle of DISGRASIAN of the Year, we thought we’d open that up to you, dear readers. Who did you think was the biggest disgrace to the race? Who sold out their peeps with the least amount of shame? To whom did you want to send hate mail? Who made you vomit in your mouth every time you logged onto the interweb and came across their grody visage? Below you’ll find a sampling of the contenders, followed by our DISGRASIAN of the Year exit poll. Now get crackin’, we’ve got some shampers to drink!


Who deserves the title of DISGRASIAN OF THE YEAR?

Shinzo Abe

Jackie Chan

Naomi Campbell

Bai Ling

Sanjaya Malakar

Michelle Malkin

Masi Oka

Gwen Stefani

Tila Tequila

View Results

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