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Is There Any Tougher Critic Than Your Hardass Asian Mom?

October 14th, 2010 | 7 comments | Posted by Jen

Y’all. If you’ve ever thought your own Hardass Asian Mom was tough on you, more often your toughest critic than your biggest fan, quicker to point out your failings than your strengths, more likely to greet you with a laundry list of reasons as to why you fell on your face when you fell on your face rather than a band-aid for your boo-boo-ed ego, then the letter below is for you.

But first, some background. Eddie Huang (pictured) is the Taiwanese American chef/owner of two restaurants in New York, Baohaus and the recently opened Xiao Ye. Xiao Ye received a terrible review in the NY Times this week, wherein Sam Sifton, while lauding some of Huang’s dishes, compared the taste of one dish to that of “cardboard and water,” and wrote that another “might have been made by your college roommate in a borrowed Crock-Pot one night over winter break, then discarded in favor of Greek pizza from that place out by the discount liquor store.” E.T. said OUCH!

On the heels of this, Huang’s HAM–who taught him how to cook–weighed in by email, which he published on his blog, Fresh Off The Boat:

Hi Eddie,
So what do you think about this review. I feel it is a review of your life. It sounds so familiar to The Food Net Work competition Judge’s comments. I guess you never registered all the opinions from those professionals who have seen so many people working toward their success. There is a reason why the other guy won. Good taste, Continue reading Is There Any Tougher Critic Than Your Hardass Asian Mom?

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Miss Piggy

September 15th, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

I love eating pig. If, god forbid, I had to forsake all meats but one, I would cling to pork. And I honestly believe my passion for “the other white meat” comes from being Chinese. Pork is, like, my birthright. Almost all of my favorite Chinese dishes have pig in them. I feel sorry for vegetarians who go to Chinese restaurants (or China, for that matter) in search of something tasty without it. The first amendment that I would make to the Bible is that part in Leviticus where it says eating cloven-hoofed animals is unclean. It makes me sad that pigs are as intelligent as dogs, so I’ve vowed never to keep one as a pet (unlike my next-door neighbor), lest it get in the way of my eating proclivities.

That said, I could never actually wear pig, like Kate Beckinsale did Saturday at the 4th Annual Pink Party, which benefits cancer research:

I’m sorry, but a dress made out of prosciutto is just not kosher, even in my book.


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