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BABEWATCH: Annie “Ecstasy” Leung, The Guinness Book Guitar Heroine

February 1st, 2011 | 4 comments | Posted by Diana

Name: Annie Leung

Age: 25

Occupation: Pro Gamer

Hails from: Orange County, CA

Why She’s A Babe: She’s got all the AZN cred to make your parents happy–born and raised in SoCal, a background in piano, a degree from Cal, and, la-dee-dah, a Guinness World Record. Incredibly, Leung realized the dream that Jen and I have always shared–a world record in Guitar Hero playing–by scoring 789,349 points playing Dragonforce’s “Through The Fire And Flames” on Expert (right now, I am totally typing between heaving sobs).

Yes, her gamer handle, “Ecstasy,”  sounds suspiciously like a stripper name. And for sure, we might need to have a little talk about those hooker boots (Gurrl!) that seem to find their way to Leung’s GH competitions. And I feel like we could help her out a little in the “stage presence” department (If you don’t bleed, it ain’t rock!).

But damn, y’all. Betch is HOT. And her fingers move so fast!

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Total Kong-quest

March 12th, 2010 | 2 comments | Posted by Diana

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that most people who saw Seth Gordon’s fantastic 2007 documentary, King of Kong (a film about two middle-aged men–a middle school teacher and a condiment magnate–duking it out for the Guinness World Record on Donkey Kong), were not quickly inspired to follow in the principal characters’ footsteps. Though respectfully portrayed, most of the people featured in the film are lovable losers, aging dorks, gamer geeks–and the addiction itself so all-consuming that it alienates even our hero from family, home and daily life.

But of course, someone did. Hank Chien, a 35-year-old plastic surgeon from New York, started playing the game after seeing the film. He recently broke the standing record, held by longtime recordholder Billy Mitchell, with 1,061,700 points in two and a half hours. The score was 10,000 higher than Mitchell’s.

The Kong-querer

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One Finger That Makes Quite A Bang

January 19th, 2010 | 7 comments | Posted by Diana

I know I’m really late to the game in finding out about this, but I just read that a 32-year old Chinese martial arts master named Fu Bingli scooped a Guinness world record late last year for doing 12 pushups with one finger.

From the Telegraph:

“I’ve been training since I was seven years old and my index finger has as much strength in it as most people’s entire body,” said Fu of Lianyungang, eastern China.

I read that quote and immediately was like, whoa. Not to get all gross or anything, but my pervy little mind was instantly consumed with questions: What else could ya do with a finger like that? And with what intensity? And uh, how soon??!?!?

But then I realized that his finger looks like this:

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Danny Johnson: World Record Breaker, Guitar Hero, Oboist

February 6th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

Danny Johnson, 14, of Grapevine, TX, broke the Guitar Hero III world record Wednesday by scoring 973,954 points on Expert while playing DragonForce’s “Through the Fire and Flames,” the seven-minute shred-a-thon that is the final ego-stomping hurdle of the game. (Full disclosure: neither Diana nor I have done this. Yet.) Apparently he was on his way to a perfect score (showoff!) until his blue key broke, but he shattered the old record by 75,000 points anyway and appeared not to break a sweat as he performed before a crowd in a midtown Manhattan Best Buy:

In real life, Danny actually plays real instruments, like the guitar, piano, drums, sax, and…the oboe. I too played the oboe for seven years in junior high and high school. I’m pretty sure it was the reason why I had so many boyfriends (too many to count, I assure you) in my adolescence. (Have you ever read Meghan Daum’s genius essay, “Music Is My Bag,” about being the sad sack who plays the oboe? You should.) I’m also pretty sure, now that Danny’s bagged the world record, that his–and my–GH prowess comes from playing that fickle, forgotten woodwind, that double-reed, duck-calling dork magnet.

Yes, yes. It’s all so clear to me now. It must definitely be the oboe.

Thanks, Jill!

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AMAZIAN JR. OF THE WEEK! Bao Xishun’s Baby

October 6th, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

Name: So far, all we know is that he’s the the baby of the world’s tallest man, Bao Xishun. But we quite like the sound of “Baby Bao”

Hails from: Hebei province, China

Occupation: Baby

Known for: Being the first-born son of Bao Xishun and wife Xia Shujuan. Hey, Daddy Bao already gets most of the hype for holding world tecords (Tallest Man In the World, and now, incidentally, Tallest Father), so why bog him down with more accolades?

The way we see it, when you’re the newborn child of the world’s tallest man (and his cute as crumb cake, average-sized spouse), expectasians can be–dare we say it–impossibly high. We’re going to kick off this kid’s spankin’ new life experience by telling him that he’s Amazian no matter what!!! After all, the name Bao reminds us of steamed dumplings, and little dumplings are pretty frickin’ awesome.

So there ya go baby, a no-strings huzzah for you. Doubt that’s gonna ever happen again. Oh well.


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The World’s Tiniest Revenge

September 16th, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

The world’s shortest man, He Pingping, 20, of China, who stands 2 feet 5.37 inches, met Svetlana Pankratova, 36, the woman with the longest legs (at 4 feet), today in Trafalgar Square to promote the 2009 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records.

Love connection?

He suffers from a type of dwarfism (I’m guessing the dwarfiest kind) which was made so much less freakish by whoever’s decision it was to dress him up like The Last Emperor.

Then things got a lot more awkward when the lady with the giant legs decided to straddle the little guy in the chinky-ass outfit…

…until He Pingping said to the crowd, “Yo! Who’s got an iPhone? Quick! I have the sweetest upskirt photo of all time!!! I’m going to sell this puppy on the internets and make MILLIONS. Does anyone know if is taken?! You’re all gonna be working for my tiny ass, like, tomorrow. Suck that, normal-sized bitches.”


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