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What Do Men Know About Love? Just Ask ‘Em.

March 23rd, 2010 | 12 comments | Posted by Diana

My friend Abe has been working on a new video project/site called The Man’s Guide To Love, which launched this month and will evolve over the next year. He and three other filmmakers ask hundreds of men from around the country to talk, man to man, about love and relationships, and release one new statement a day.

A lot of guys on the site so far seem to think that the best way to keep a woman happy is to nod your head and say nothing more than “Yes, dear.” This horrifies me. It’s the kind of philosophy that causes men to resent their spouses and women to think their husbands are pussies. I mean, I want to be right all the time–but that’s because I’m an Asian and therefore never wrong right all the time, not because some penis-for-brains is too lazy to disagree with me. Ick!

But I don’t quite know how I feel about today’s man, Edward. He’s a 29-year-old with a grungy demeanor, who claims he “always be closin’” with the ladies (which I somehow believe).

Edward says: “You gotta sell dreams… Tell them what they want to hear, just sell them the dream. Put your pride down a little bit, and then tell em what they want to hear, that’s all I gotta say. After that, just keep quiet, keep everything to yourself, y’know, rat to your boys. After that, it’s all good.”

Hunh. What do you think? Weigh in [FYI, the survey below works on Google Chrome and Safari, but seems to be buggy with Firefox]!
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SELF-VLOGELLASIAN: On Romantic Gift-Giving

June 19th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

What are Jen and Diana doing when not blogging or practicing violin and piano?

We’re Shopping Imbibing Complaining Spelunking Doing Rad Stuff vlogging.

Listen, it’s advice.

Consider us humanitariasians.

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Getting Pantsy

February 17th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

Hunh. Do you think Lady Gaga watched our vlog?

The recession is over!

Cuz somebody seems to suddenly be wearing… PANTS! SUCCESS!

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Moon Face

August 23rd, 2007 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

Perhaps you’ve wondered why your Asian girlfriends tend to pose for photographs with their face demurely resting in their hands, i.e.:

and and

Are they just being sweet? Are they passive and agreeable?


They’re worried about Asian Moon Face. It’s something we all battle; even when we’re 93 lbs. and rocking the third-world gaunt (uh, like me, ’cause um, I’m like, totally that tiny), we can’t run from our giant faces.

It starts young. Observe:

What cheeks?

Browsing the web today I noticed that a few of Young Hollywood’s finest are starting to fight the Moon Face, for reasons of pregnancy or otherwise:

Ladies, let me tell you as a woman with a lot of experience in this area, the fix-all steps to deal with your growing moon face are:

Left hand, left cheek.
Right hand, right cheek.

Works every time. And yes, you need it.

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When Worlds Collide

May 18th, 2007 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

When I heard that both 50 Cent and Masi Oka of Heroes were on TRL yesterday, I got very excited. Sadly, they did not occupy the stage at the same time.

But what if they had?

50: Hey, man, nice to meet you.

Masi: Hey, Fitty. How’s it going? I’m a huge fan. I also love your vitamin water.

50: That’s cool. I’m a fan of the show. That schizo chick’s bangin’.

Masi: Ali? Yeah, she’s pretty hot.

50: You sound different in real life.

Masi: Yeah, well, I’m playing a character, and I thought–

50: I mean, you sound a lot better. Why do you speak in that bitch voice on the show?

Masi: Hiro’s from Japan, and he’s just learning English.

50: Uh-huh.

Masi: So I’d thought I’ve give him a distinct elocution, you know, how people would expect a Japanese guy to talk.

50: Yeah, I feel you. But why?

Masi: (getting nervous) I, uh, wanted my character to have an arc, as they say in the business, so I just thought–

50: Man, you gotta stop that nonsense. You’ve got a big sword, know what I’m saying? You gotta use it. Shortys don’t get off on that other shit.

Masi: (voice-cracking) They don’t? I mean, okay, whatever you say.

50: Let’s blow this place and go party like it’s your birthday.

Masi: Oka-Doka!

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