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One Pregnant Teen Not Creepy, Just Totally Inept

June 27th, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen
Not That Hard, Really

First there was a pregnancy pact, then there wasn’t.

Midweek, Lindsey Oliver, one of the 17 pregnant Gloucester teens, denied that there had ever been a pact among her high school girlfriends to get wit child:

“There was definitely no pact,” Oliver told “Good Morning America.” “There was a group of girls already pregnant that decided they were going to help each other to finish school and raise their kids together. I think it was just a coincidence.”

Oliver also maintained that she had gotten pregnant “by accident” and had been on the Pill.

Pregnant on the Pill? Sure it happens, kinda like when your dog eats your homework. The FDA lists pregnancy rates when using the Pill between .1%, if taken properly, and a mere 5%, if you’re a fuckup. Condoms, when used properly, have a pregnancy rate of 3%. Even the pull-out method, which was what the girls who got knocked up at my high school would use to “protect” themselves, has a pregnancy rate of only 4% when performed properly.

Key word: “properly.” So, either Lindsey Oliver is a total dumbass or maybe, just maybe, she hasn’t been schooled properly. And to think there are people who still believe that American teens don’t really need a proper sex education.


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