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Nope, No Ginormous Boob Skanks Over Here!

December 16th, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

As you may recall from last week, the poor gal photographed near Michael Phelps at LAX Airport was subsequently called everything under the sun: Phelps’ girlfriend, a “busomy, exotic stranger”, a “stacked stripper”, a “total stranger”, a “stalker”, “some little Asian girl with buoys strapped to her chest“, and of course, “a fug Asian chick” (to name a few).

But let it be known, as declared right here and now (or, more accurately, on TMZ) that this woman refuses to be referred to as:


…and for legitimate reasons. What reasons, you may be asking?

In her words: “I’m not a ‘ginormous boob skank’, oh my god. Oh my god. I am not a ginormous boob skank.”

And in her friend’s words: “[unfomfortable chuckle] She’s not a skank.”

The funny thing is, we did some homework and can’t seem to find anywhere on TMZ where she was referred to as a ginormous boob skank. And actually, given our extensive research (Google), we aren’t actually certain that anybody of note ever did.

But there you have it folks, it seems like most of the monikers you’ve bestowed upon this fine lady are, indeed, just fine. But “ginormous boob skank”–as the lady says it–is totally fucking off limits.

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