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People Of Color Finally Appear On GIRLS And It’s The Same Ol’ Fucking Story

May 8th, 2012 | 2 comments | Posted by Jen

After all the talk about the Small White World in which the GIRLS of HBO’s new comedy live, it was revealed Sunday in episode 4, “Hannah’s Diary,” that there are actually people of color living in that pale version of the City. And they come out of the woodwork, all at once, like…a herd of zombies!

There’s Hannah’s Puerto Rican coworker (played by Selenis Leyva) at her new temp job who 1) wears large nameplate earrings to the office, 2) tells Hannah she’ll “get used to” being sexually harassed by their boss Rich, 3) doesn’t see the point in speaking up about the sexual harassment–particularly because their boss buys them gifts–and 4) says “sassy” things like “That’s a hella different. A hella different,” in case we didn’t process ALL THE OBVIOUS SIGNS that she is, um, a hella different from Hannah.

Then there are the nannies Jessa, a newly-minted childcare worker, tries to “organize” on Continue reading People Of Color Finally Appear On GIRLS And It’s The Same Ol’ Fucking Story

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Ooh, Burn on Kim Vo

March 18th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

RUH-ROH, Kim Vo!

Is it true that you colored and set foils in a client’s hair, threw her under the dryer, and burnt the living shiznit out of her cabeza?

From TMZ:

According to a lawsuit filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, one of Kim’s clients — an actress named Carly Steele — came to his Beverly Hills salon for a coloring in January. Things were going fine until Carly claims the aluminum foil Kim personally applied and set under a hair dryer began burning her, causing her hair and scalp “to smoke and burn.”

In the suit, Steele claims, “she leapt from the chair” and people tried to remove the foil — but, “they too were unable to remove the scalding and fiery foil and coloring agent which were scorching and sizzling into [Carly's] hair, scalp and head.

YEESH. Dude, that’s not good practice, even when dealing with lesser-known clients. I mean, how hard is this process for you? Aren’t you some kind of “top colorist,” at least according to reality producers? Can you imagine if Gordon Ramsay set a nightmare kitchen on fire while preparing a simple bolognese? My god, you should be better than this!

Just stay away from my head. That’s all I care about. Stay the funk away from my head.

[via TMZ: Actress sues celebrity hairstylist Kim Vo]


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August 14th, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

Happy birthday to Olympic breaststroker Brendan Hansen, who turns 27 Friday!

Sure, this isn’t Brendan’s year, or his Olympics. But we hafta say, without a real Hansen-Kosuke Kitajima rivalry in Beijing, swimming isn’t quite the same (Michael Phelps’ achievements notwithstanding). Hansen and Kitajima–they need each other. Without those two side-by-side in the pool, gunning for the wall, all we see is a field of nameless, faceless athletes, swimming a second-class stroke that has the polite word for “boob” in it.


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A R(ec)ant of Sorts

September 28th, 2007 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen
Don’t you wish your girlfriend was brown like me? Don’t you wish your girlfriend was exotique like me?

I’m pissed at myself. Yesterday, our New York correspondentasian Greenie sent me Jonah Weiner’s excellent excellent disgracial breakdown for Slate of The Darjeeling Limited, “Unbearable Whiteness”, and I thought, fuck, I wish I had written this.

The Darjeeling Limited, Anderson’s latest movie, showcases an obnoxious element of Anderson that is rarely discussed: the clumsy, discomfiting way he stages interactions between white protagonists—typically upper-class elites—and nonwhite foils—typically working class and poor.

…Anderson generally likes to decorate his margins with nonwhite, virtually mute characters: Pelé in Life Aquatic, a Brazilian who sits in a crow’s-nest and sings David Bowie songs in Portuguese; Mr. Sherman in Royal Tenenbaums, a black accountant who wears bow ties, falls into holes, and meekly endures Gene Hackman’s racist jabs—he calls him “Coltrane” and “old black buck,” which Anderson plays for laughs; Mr. Littlejeans in Rushmore, the Indian groundskeeper who occasionally mumbles comical malapropisms…Taken together, they form a fleet of quasi-caricatures and walking punch lines, meant to import a whimsical, ambient multiculturalism into the films.

Bravo, Weiner. You had the balls to say what I wanted to when our Darjeeling Limited ON THE BOBA RZULTS came in but didn’t, because I wanted to buy into the hipster, whimsical, ambient, indie-feel-goodness of it all and be part of the zeitgeist instead of being an angry bitch.

But fuck that. I am an angry bitch. And I hate hipsters. And what I should have said is that Asians aren’t background. We’re not sidekicks and we sure as shit ain’t mute. We will not serve as your local color or flavor cuz you got none. We’re sick of being your “foils” so that you can seem hipper, hotter, and more worldly. And we’ll cut your dick off if you call us exotic.

Angelica Huston and her Rajasthani Girls

Click here to read Jonah Weiner’s “Unbearable Whiteness” on Slate.


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