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FHM Is Tagalog For SMH: Laughably Racist Magazine Cover

March 6th, 2012 | 13 comments | Posted by Jen

For the cover of FHM Philippines’ March 2012 issue, someone thought it’d be an awesome idea to surround 20 year-old Filipina actress Bela Padilla with a group of black models. The racial message of the photo’s bad enough. Light-skinned model–or can we just say white here because that’s how it reads?– on a pedestal surrounded by dark-skinned models in subordinate positions. Then consider the fact that this is published for the Philippines, a country where it’s estimated half of the women bleach their skin.

Then there’s the caption. OH MY GOD, THE CAPTION.

After a petition was created to protest this cover, it’s been pulled and sent back into “the shadows,” back to the place where our world’s latent colonialist fantasies continue to reside, sipping their gin cocktails and lamenting “the good ol’ days.”

[via Daily Beast]

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Be Expensive! Be, Be Expensive!

August 14th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

Of all the people in the world, why is adorable quirktress Alexa Chung (Note: Yes, we love her. But this is in no way a suggestion that you watch her show on MTV–or MTV at all, for that matter) the only person in the pseudo-celebosphere speaking with any reason?

In a recent interview w/ the UK’s Times, she discussed her resistance to show her airbrushed ass off for the benefit of male splooge magazines (Cuz lawd knows, an editorial spread in Maxim can take you far), saying:

“I feel like I have no need to be sexy for anyone other than my boyfriend. It feels a bit cheap. I didn’t want to be the token presenter that pandered to a male demographic.”

Sad, but I admit I was taken aback by the words that came out of the 25-year old TV personality’s mouth. I mean, cheap? What young star cares about being cheap anymore?

And for that matter, what’s so cheap about… um…

—er, sorry, I just boobs forgot what I squoosh the boobs where I uh, titty titty bang bang whatever Spread em! Spread em! totally forgot what I was talking about.

[Times Online: Alexa Chung - America's New Idol]


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