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Bagel Heads: “New Japanese Trend” Is Neither New Nor A Trend

October 2nd, 2012 | 1 comment | Posted by Jen

Last week the Internet was all abuzz about “Bagel Heads,” this supposedly “new” body modification trend in Japan where people inject saline under their skin so their heads look like they’re exploding with delicious breakfast bread product for about 24 hours, just add schmear.

‘Bagel Head’ Saline Forehead Injections: Japan’s Hot New Beauty Trend?, the Huffington Post wondered.

‘Bagel Heads’: Shocking New Trend in Japan, Yahoo! News warned.

And the Herald Sun got a little punny with their reporting, titling their story on the fad, Bagel heads: A hole new trend.

The only problem with this “new” trend is that it isn’t new at all. The story of Bagel Heads first went viral in 2009, when the UK’s Bizarre Mag reported on it. The first line of the Bizarre post was quick to state, “This extreme body modification isn’t new, but it’s growing in popularity.” Many blogs and media outlets picked up the story then–which is when we blogged about it–including the premiere underground trendwatching paper of its time, The New York Times. Two years later, in 2011, Vice interviewed Ryoichi “Keroppy” Maeda, a photographer and journalist who’s been documenting the underground body modification scene in Japan for the last 20 years and who also happens to be the man who brought saline injections to the country. Maeda said in that interview that the bagel head thing had been going on “since 2007.” After that, still more blogs and media outlets picked up on the “new” (again) trend, with Neatorama declaring Continue reading Bagel Heads: “New Japanese Trend” Is Neither New Nor A Trend

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November 8th, 2010 | 3 comments | Posted by Jen

No, we are not talking about “Twinkies” in the “yellow on the outside, white on the inside”-sense. We are talking 1,800 calories a day of Twinkies, Doritos, Oreos, and other “foods” that come in crinkly, plastic, environment-hating packages. We are talking a diet of junk food that one nutrition professor undertook for 10 weeks that not only made him lose 27 lbs., but also lowered his BMI from overweight to normal, dropped his bad cholesterol by 20 percent and increased his good cholesterol by 20 percent, and reduced his triglycerides–or fat–levels by 39 percent.

Don’t get us wrong. This diet is fucking disgusting.


One man’s Twinkie is another man’s Kyochon fried chicken, and it gives us hope that there’s a way to keep eating some of our favorite foods without one of our relatives at the next family gathering making that dreaded but inevitable observation that’s somehow okay to make when you’re Asian:

“[Insert Asian-Language Exclamation Word of your choice]–YOU GOT SO FAT!”

[CNN: Twinkie diet helps nutrition professor lose 27 pounds]

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