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I Can’t Believe It’s Not Yogurt

May 11th, 2007 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

The L.A. Times reported yesterday that a lawsuit has been filed against Pinkberry, the wildly popular frozen-yogurteria that has opened 15 locations in California and three in New York within the last two years. The plaintiff, Bryan Williams, contends that Pinkberry yogurt lacks the GOOD CULTURES (bacterially speaking) that constitute real yogurt:

“For lack of a better word, it’s just dessert,” said Williams’ attorney, Michael Amir. “We’re just asking for them to … tell the public the truth.

Pinkberry, which is as guarded about their recipe as KFC, threw down this defense:

Pinkberry “is yogurt, absolutely 100%” vowed company President Young Lee, who said he’s working with the state to resolve the concerns. “We are more frozen yogurt than other frozen yogurt.”

While we’re filing complaints against this Asian-owned chain, I must ask Pinkberry to stop selling this disgrasiosity in their stores:
Cuz this shit ain’t GOOD CULTURE neither.


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