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BABEWATCH: The Ladies of White On Rice

September 8th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

For those of us that didn’t get to see White on Rice while it was collecting raves along the festival circuit, this month’s theatrical release (L.A. friends, see you at the Sunset Laemmle?) is awwwfully exciting.

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, get ready for a spike of adorable in your bloodstream:

There’s only one thing that seems wrong about the film, which is, um, how distractingly gorgeous female lead Lynn Chen is. Silky skin, perfect bow lips, rosy cheeks, bright and twinkly eyes? Hate her! (Okay, we actually crush on her, but right now our jealousy overrides.)

Chen: About as fair to womankind as Barbie

Fact is, every lady in the film is too cute to deal with:

Cathy Shim rocking “sexy fuckin’ secretary” for fall

Doe-eyed Nae
Joy Osmanski, the only woman in the world
that can look cute in a banana suit

…but dammit, now all we want to do is watch their purty faces for two hours on the big screen–which reveals the cardinal rule of filmmaking (whoever has told you that the the most important elements are beautiful storytelling or groundbreaking cinematography is lying): every movie is about a million times better with lots of hot chicks.

[IMDB: White on Rice (2009)]

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