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Harvard Beats Yale In Latest Round Of Elitist F*ckery

November 15th, 2011 | 1 comment | Posted by Jen

In the run-up to “The Game”–Harvard and Yale’s annual pre-Thanksgiving pretense at college football–Harvard students have produced this “Occupy Yale/We Are The 6%” shirt, the 6%, as Gawker’s Maureen O’Connor points out, referring to Harvard’s 2011 admission rate, the lowest of the Ivies and a whole 1.15% lower than Yale’s:

Jesus Fuck. This is actually too boring to be offensive. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: you can’t have a school rivalry when your football has become so sub-par. Harvard, Yale (my alma mater)…does anyone really think there’s a difference? We’re all the same kind of asshole. (Except for the person who actually buys the Occupy Yale shirt. S/he is a MUCH bigger asshole.)

When measuring Ivy League dick, I much prefer this shirt, by men’s designer Mark McNairy:

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Let’s Get Non-Rowdy

May 28th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

We’re not surprised that writer Cintra Wilson, shopping for the NY Times Style section last week, felt out of place during her visit to Derek Lam‘s flagship house of luxe on Crosby Street in NYC’s SoHo. After all, let’s be honest. Few would.

But we’ve been struggling for days to figure out why Wilson, while characterizing Lam’s high-cotton world (and rather resentfully so), also took this sideways potshot at his “Eastern” demographic:

“Mr. Lam’s flagship is his version of that genteel world where the rich are still as spoiled and sheltered as they ever were; his customer is a precious orchid, lovingly tended and exhibited under his enormous acrylic bell.

This recipe for femininity looks, to me, as if it is aimed toward a stereotypical Hong Kong billionaire’s wife. The clothes evoke a demure, under-control, decidedly non-rowdy (read: non-Western) type of woman who appreciates her role as an ornament of great value, and sits prettily and quietly in Gulfstream jets.”

Funnily enough, Jen and I are actually quite familiar with a Hong Kong billionaire woman or two. And let me tell y’all, those bitchez iz crazay! They’re not demure, nor under-control, nor “decidedly non-rowdy” (gosh, the more I think about it, the more Wilson’s description seems fitting of Kate Gosselin).

…So does that make them, um, Western?

[NY Times: Critical Shopper - Luxury in a Bell Jar]

Thanks, Livia!

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August 15th, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

On ABC’s This Week, which aired on Sunday, Cokie Roberts criticized Senator Obama for taking a week of much-needed downtime in Hawaii, because, y’know, vacationing near his 85 -year-old grandmother in the place of his upbringing makes him look even more elitist.

She continued to explain why renting a reasonably-priced private house on Oahu–which we’ll have you know boasts a Bubba Gump, Sizzler, Bank of America, Wal-Mart, and over 10 McDonalds locations (dudes, we’re talking on one island!)–should have been shunned in favor of, say, Myrtle Beach. Lawd knows that beaching in the Cowolinas is so much more everyman:

“Going off this week to vacation in Hawaii does not make any sense whatsoever. I know his grandmother lives in Hawaii, and I know Hawaii is a state, but it has the look of him going off to some sort of foreign, exotic place. He should be in Myrtle Beach… if he’s going to take a vacation at this time.”

She then continued to say, “All those brown people and their coconuts really fucking freak me out. I hear they put spirits in the poi (whatever that shit is), too, and they don’t even accept the good ol’ American dollar. They barter with shells and sacrifice. Thank heavens Myrtle Beach is mostly blacks and whites, all those Polynesians and Hispanics really muck up the water in all of the playas on the Pacific.”*

We have to ask: where the hell do these middle-minded TV pundits come from, anyway?? Does Cokie not know what a gherkin is, either?

*This was not actually said on camera. We cannot confirm that Roberts was actually responsible for this quote, because there is no written proof. So sue us.


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