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March 1st, 2010 | 2 comments | Posted by Diana

Name: Maya Lin

Age: 50

Hails from: NYC

Occupation: Artist, Architect

Known for: Making visual impact. Early success. Lasting Impressions.

Lin was among the 19 artists honored by President Obama on Thursday with the National Medal of Arts. The minimalist artist, who grew up amidst mostly white folks in Ohio and “didn’t realize [she] was Chinese” until her twenties, also designed the Museum of Chinese in America, which opened in NYC last September.

But what’s next for Lin? “What’s Missing?“–her new multimedia exhibit depicting our planet in peril, which will debut at MOCA on Earth Day, April 22. The accompanying site will also Continue reading AMAZIAN OF THE WEEK! Maya Lin

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Enter the Ninjabi

June 15th, 2007 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

Reuters has reported that Muslim women are packing classes for NINJABI, a self-defense course designed especially to help ward off pervs and Islamaphobes even within the confines of religious dress.

And I must say, Ninjabi sounds like a gay old time indeed:

Every week around 30 Muslim women, most wearing veils, gather in a community centre in east London to learn how to block, knee and punch would-be attackers or lecherous men targeting passive-looking victims.

The organisers, who named the classes after Japanese Ninja warriors and women who wear the hijab, say Muslim women are looking to fight back against unwanted advances and a rising number of anti-Muslim attacks.

“The ladies love the Ninjabi thing. It gives them a good giggle,” said class instructor Dee Terry, who is not a Muslim herself…

The organisers plan to split the class according to experience, using names inspired by 1970s Hong Kong films starring martial arts legend Bruce Lee.

The beginners’ level will be called “Enter the Ninjabi”, the next will be “Return of the Ninjabi”, then “Way of the Ninjabi”. The organisers also plan to expand the Ninjabi concept.


But even though I’m laughing, this shit totally breaks my heart.


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Seems Rather Inconvenient

June 8th, 2007 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

Great news!!! Reuters reports:

Hong Kong’s winters could vanish within 50 years, with the number of cold days declining virtually to zero due to global warming and urbanization, the head of the city’s weather observatory warned on Friday…

Over the past century, temperatures in Hong Kong rose around 1.2 degrees, almost double the global average, said Lam, who warned that the city’s winters might actually vanish half a century earlier if Hong Kong’s rapid urbanization trends were taken into account.

‘We would really start losing the very distinct seasonal march throughout the year … We would really look more tropical than we (are) now,’ Lam told reporters.

The number of summer ‘hot-nights’ in Hong Kong, with temperatures above 28 degrees Celsius, has already jumped to 30 a year — an almost four-fold increase from the 1990s, said Lam, as heat trapped during the day by the concrete city and its teeming skyscrapers is unable to dissipate fully at night.

Lam attributed Hong Kong’s forecast temperature rise of three to four degrees by the end of the century to urbanization and global warming in equal measure.”

Ruh-roh. Check that, I meant “Bad News.”


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