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BABEWATCH: TED Fellow And Embrace Co-Founder Jane Chen

September 28th, 2010 | 1 comment | Posted by Jen

Name: Jane Chen

Occupation: Co-founder of Embrace, a non-profit that makes a low-cost, life-saving infant warmer, and TEDIndia Fellow

Why She’s a Babe: Jane Chen is a good-looking do-gooder. Not only is she a babe, but she’s helping to save the life of babes in the traditional sense of the word with the Embrace Infant Warmer, which looks like a mini-sleeping bag and can perform the role of an incubator for babies born prematurely at less than 1% of the cost of a traditional incubator–$25 versus upwards of $20,000. Chen and her team of Amazians plan on piloting the Infant Warmer in India before introducing it to other developing countries. And anyone saving babies–a bit of an obsession of ours, we’ll admit–is beautiful in our book.

Watch Jane’s TEDTalk in which she explains how the infant warmer works:

[EMBRACE official website]

Thanks, Erica!

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January 19th, 2010 | 7 comments | Posted by Diana

Dear Jaeson Ma, spiritual hip hop music maker and dreamer of dreams:

We just discovered you in a PSA encouraging people to vote for CPAF in the Chase Community Giving Contest.

So um… on another note, God has been very kind to you–take a look in the mirror.


You are hot.

Really hot.


[Jaeson Ma - Official Site]
[Vote for CPAF in the Chase Community Giving Contest]

Thanks, Jen!

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January 18th, 2010 | 1 comment | Posted by Diana

As you know, we’ve had the pleasure of joining hundreds of AAPI community members in a campaign to raise money for the Center for the Pacific Asian Family, an organization that provides very necessary resources for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. One of the benefits of getting involved with CPAF was meeting its extraordinary Executive Director, Debra Suh, a lawyer who has been working with the organization for over a decade.

Debra Suh, Executive Director of the Center for the Pacific Asian Family

Name: Debra Suh

Hails from: Los Angeles

Occupation: Executive Director of the Center for the Pacific Asian Family, a non-profit organization recognized nationally for its pioneering work in domestic violence and sexual assault in the Los Angeles Asian and Pacific Islander (API) community.

Continue reading AMAZIAN OF THE WEEK! Debra Suh

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AMAZIAN OF THE WEEK! Efren Peñaflorida Jr.

October 12th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

Name: Efren Peñaflorida Jr.

Hails from: Cavite City, The Philippines

Occupation: Student, Founder of the Dynamic Teen Company organization, source of the pushcart classroom in Cavite City

Known for: Building a new path.

CNN has highlighted the 28-year old Pinoy, who grew up in the slums of Cavite City, amongst their Top 10 Heroes of 2009. Peñaflorida, like many of his peers, grew up terrorized by gang violence in his community that included offenses of vandalism and rape.

In high school, he made a decision–he was going to create a different option. With three friends, Peñaflorida created a club called the Dynamic Teen Company, aspiring to “cater youth awareness projects, talent and self development activities, and community services.” Living near the dump site of his city, he eagerly developed feeding projects for the small children sent to scavenge for leftovers and rotten food there. Years of development (building awareness, training themselves as educators, staging activities and concerts) eventually led the group to become a self-sustaining education organization, and they soon obtained a pedicab to create a traveling vehicle for their educating missions.

Ten years after the launch of DTC, Peñaflorida travels weekly with the pedicab–which has been outfitted as a foldout classroom, around the city to lead classes for children 2 to 14. He is armed with armed with a team of trained teen volunteers. They also run a hygeine clinic where kids can bathe and learn to care for their teeth.

CNN adds:

“Since 1997, an estimated 10,000 members have helped teach more than 1,500 children living in the slums. The organization supports its efforts by making and selling crafts and collecting items to recycle.”

It’s a lot of work, with slow-moving impact and very little fanfare. Yet somebody wants to do it: Efren Peñaflorida and his team of friends. What’s a little work when you’re creating real change?

So what else does Peñaflorida want? More carts. And, in case you’ve forgotten, the winner of the CNN Heroes Contest will receive $100,000! Help a brother out by voting for Efren now.

[CNN Heroes: Vote for Efren Peñaflorida]
[Dynamic Teen Company - Official Site]


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This is no Pax-ing Thing

February 22nd, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

Conversasian between Pax and Maddox Jolie-Pitt in the Jolie-Pitt nursery, earlier this week:

MADDOX: (yawns)

PAX: (yawns) Guess what, Mad? I’m officially a Jolie-Pitt today. Mommy said so. We’re waiting to hear from a judge, but when he says everything is okay, we’re gonna have a cake party and I’ll get presents.

MADDOX: (snaps to) Wha? Was that today?

PAX: Yup.

MADDOX: (rolls eyes) Oh. Great.

PAX: And mommy says that if I want I can get camo pants like yours tomorrow.

MADDOX: Why do you want camo pants? My look is camo pants. I’m rough and tough! I’ve had a faux-hawk since the age of one, bitch! You look like you listen to emo.

PAX: I do listen to emo. What’s emo?

MADDOX: Whatever it is, you’re only allowed to wear Levi’s and Jack Purcells and cry through Death Cab for Cutie songs. You emoter.

PAX: What’s emoter?

MADDOX: Never mind. Stay off my pants!

PAX: But mommy said…

MADDOX: She’s not your mommy!


(Incredibly, incredibly pregnant pause.)

MADDOX: (shaking it off) Man, isn’t it great being a Jolie-Pitt?

PAX: Totally. It’s like being the royalty of Narnia. I’ve completely forgotten everything before being Pax.

MADDOX: Nothing before that really mattered, man. Trust me.

PAX: One day, I’m gonna be the head of the U.N. Or an astronaut. Or a hedge fund manager.

MADDOX: I think I’m going to be professional athlete turned philanthropist. Or maybe President of the United States of America, like the band. We can do anything! In this family, we’re seeing, doing, smelling, tasting the entire world! We’re cosmopolitan, cultured, aware, tolerant, brilliant, beautiful people that will do incredible things one day! We’re special.

PAX: Awesome! (yawns) I’m so glad we aren’t stupid, fat, cracker honkies.

MADDOX: (snuggling down) Oh God, me too.

Thanks, Slanty!

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