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Meet Our Alter Egos, Jan & Diane

July 23rd, 2010 | 16 comments | Posted by Jen

Over the last 3 1/2 years of maintaining this site, we’ve developed alter egos.

Before you think we’ve gone totally crazeballs, let me just say that we didn’t develop these alter egos ourselves. No, see, they were developed for us. Who knows? Maybe they even exist. Maybe they’re our selves in a Sliding Doors-kind of parallel universe. Maybe they’re already planted in our subconsciousness a la Inception, and they’re more real than the real. All we know is we get email and Facebook messages for them all the time.

Their names are JAN and DIANE.

Like us, they’re BFF. Like us, they think of themselves as sisters. Unlike us, Jan and Diane have closets full of mock turtlenecks, their favorite restaurant is the Olive Garden (Intern Jasmine’s theory), they actually have savings accounts, they’re cat people, they love to drink cocktails that are first and foremost the colors of pretty bridesmaid dresses, they majored in something useful in college, and they’re not disappointing to their Hardass Asian Parents.

But enough out of “Jen and Diana,” meet our better halves…

This is Jan and Diane at their computers, not grumpily blogging, still half-asleep at midday, but happily using Quicken at the crack of dawn to keep track of their money (P.S. That’s decaf in the red mug):

This is Jan and Diane at their day jobs, where they make their oodles of money that they then have to keep track of with their personal accounting software (JAN: That cancer’s Continue reading Meet Our Alter Egos, Jan & Diane

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