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DISGRASIAN’s Extracurricular Activities

September 16th, 2010 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

What to do when you’re not studying, calculating your taxes on an abacus, or practicing piano:

For those of you who don’t think the midterm elections coming up in November have the capacity to drastically shift the face of this country, think again. Need more persuasian? Head to the First Annual AAPI Rock the Vote event at the Ford Ampitheater in Hollywood tomorrow night and let hotstuffs Kelly Hu, Lisa and Laura Ling, Continue reading DISGRASIAN’s Extracurricular Activities

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Declarasian of Independence

September 25th, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

When Jen and I found out that Tila Tequila had RSVP’d for last night’s celebration of Declare Yourself’s voter registration efforts, we knew we couldn’t miss a minute of it. Tila Tequila and DISGRASIAN at the same party? Unlikely (although DISGRASIAN and Patrón tequila at the same fete is actually quite common) but, it seemed, fateful–what a wonderful opportunity to jump the bitch explain to her kindly why we think most of her behavior is pretty fuckin’ disgraceful.

So we showed up.

And waited.

And waited.

Had some drinks. Talked to some people. And waited some more.

Saw a crazy-lookin’ chick with huge tatas and blonde hair and a tight red dress. We squealed because she’d arrived looking beautiful and much classier than usual! Sadly, we were wrong–it was actually the girl from Danity Kane:

Drat. The wait went on. We discussed our approach: Should we lure her with red plastic cups? Should we tell her that a bukkake ring was forming in the next room? Should we punch her in the boob to get her attention?

We waited some more.

Met some cool people at the party. Reminded each other that we weren’t waiting for cool people, we were waiting for Tila.

We waited and waited and waited. And got a little distracted, but in the back of our minds, continued to wait.

Closed out the party, and realized: THE HO NEVER SHOWED.

Tila Tequila must hate voting, right? Because she didn’t come (first time anybody’s said that in long time!) and we never got the chance to punch her in the boob befriend her.

I know what you’re thinking: maybe she was busy! But y’all, she’s TILA TEQUILA. Homegirl was NOT BUSY.

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September 9th, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

Someone had the stroke of genius to ask Bai Ling who she might be voting for in the Presidential election (BTW, is she an actual citizen, and can she vote? Please, God, say “no”), and she–in a roundabout manner that would make any 501c3, non-partisan, non-profit, get-out-the-vote-campaign director proud–endorsed no one. Okay, to be more accurate, Ms. Ling rattled off, “I think, somebody, uh, this two candidates, I don’t really know them that well”–which seemed like better than nothing, since I always expect her to simply say, “Eep! Opp! Ork! Midriff! What does it mean, ‘dick?’”

Instead, like all of our favorite legislators, she started talking about values:

“Somebody has to… have really bigger heart.”

“Only pure intentions.”

“People should vote for me! I’ll give you great place.
I’ll be president… I’ll, how do you say? Demolish all countries.”

Waaaaiiiitttaaminute. This all sounds strangely familiar. Did Bai make this speech at the GOP convention, too? I coulda sworn…

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Voter Registrasian

September 24th, 2007 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

The hilarioso fellows at Reno 911 have partnered up with the rocking people of to create a cache of tongue-in-cheek PSAs–challenging demographic groups notorious for low voter turnout (i.e. young people, Asian-Americans) NOT to vote.

You hate girls in bikinis in videos! You think girls in bikinis are DISGRASIAN!

Not always, my friends. Not voting is a true disgrace. I believe this girl in a bikini actually votes –she can stay.

See all of the videos here. And if you haven’t registered to vote, redeem yourself by registering now.


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