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Daddy Likey

December 17th, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

The days are just packed for former Miss Universe Riyo Mori, who, now having passed on the crown to 2008′s winner from Venezuela, still feels as loaded with duty as ever.

As she told Japan Today in a recent interview, “I thought life would be more relaxed but I am still busy.”

We can only imagine what that must be like, especially because we know that the little miss as also a blogger (does that mean that she abuses caffeine and alcohol, flogs herself daily, and ritually beats her head on the desk, like we do?). Like us, she seems to get blasted with tons of reader mail. ““I get many questions, usually about how to be beautiful. Younger women ask me how to be beautiful outside, what cosmetic products to use, how I do my makeup, and so on.”

Jeez. That could take all day.

Fortunately, Mori is not without role models and mentors. When asked about Miss Universe owner Donald Trump, she was filled with praise:

“He was like a big daddy and very nice to me.”

Good to hear! Let’s just hope that daddy doesn’t spank.

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You Say Feng Shui Master, And I Say Hobby Master, You Say Fortune Teller, And I Say Property Developer

April 25th, 2007 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

Legal challenge launched over Nina Wang’s fortune

The AFP reports today,“The family of the late Hong Kong tycoon Nina Wang launched a legal challenge Wednesday against the feng shui master who has claimed her entire multi-billion dollar fortune.”

Later in the story, the lawyer for “the feng shui master” describes his client as “a successful property developer who practices feng shui as a hobby.”

And, let’s not forget, last week, the AFP reported “Asia’s richest woman left her wealth to her fortune-teller…”

Fortune-teller, Feng Shui-Master…which Ching Chong occupation is it, exactly?


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Shady Billionairess Dies

April 4th, 2007 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

Nina Wang, Asia’s richest woman, dies
“Wang was ranked by Forbes Magazine as Asia’s 35th richest person, having successfully battled her father-in-law for a multi-billion dollar estate left by her late husband Teddy Wang…

Central to the marathon probate case was a handwritten will which Wang said was penned and signed by Teddy in March 1990, a month before he was kidnapped and never seen again.” (Reuters)

I’m Slim Shady, yes I’m the real Shady
All you other Slim Shadys are just imitating
So won’t the real Slim Shady please stand up,
please stand up, please stand up?

Source: Reuters

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This Qualifies As a Wait-And-See

March 23rd, 2007 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

Japanese billionaire Genshiro Kawamoto is giving away mansions to the Hawaiian homeless, the AP reported today.

“Kawamoto, one of Japan’s richest men, said he plans to open eight of his 22 Kahala homes to needy Hawaiian families. They will be able to stay in the homes for up to 10 years, he said. He also gave each family 10 $100 bills to help them move in.”

Well that settles it. Genshiro Kawamoto, you are my pick for this week’s AMAZIA–

Oh fuck me. I just saw a RED FLAG:

“(Kawamoto) has been criticized for evicting tenants of his rental homes on short notice so he could sell the properties, as in 2002 when he gave hundreds of California tenants 30 days to leave.

Two years later, he served eviction notices to tenants in 27 Oahu rental homes, mostly in pricey Hawaii Kai, saying they had to leave within a month.

My advice to this sweet, dear, photo op victim Hawaiian lady with the flower in her hair?

Do not unpack that shopping cart just yet.

Source: AP

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