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April 28th, 2010 | 10 comments | Posted by Diana

Have you heard about Lisa Mei Norton, right-wing Christian conservative country singer/songwriter?

America's rack!

She wants to keep her guns, finds Michelle Malkin and her ilk to be “smart,” thinks we’ve gone socialist, believes Obama wasn’t born here and loves to (tea) party. Oh, and she’s already working on the indoctrinasian of her six-year-old son. Translasian: She watches Fox News.

Check out her buzzword-laden Tea Party anthem, “A Revolution’s Brewing,” a lovely ditty for all 3,000 of those adorable, overly-acknowledged, grammatically-challenged teabaggers:

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ROCK OF ASIAN: Tomi Fujiyama

September 3rd, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

Meet Tomi Fujiyama, 70, the first Japanese woman to play the Grand Ole Opry, way back in 1964. She took the stage after Johnny Cash and was the only performer to receive a standing ovation. There’s currently a documentary being made about Tomi’s life called “Made in Japan,” with hobbit Elijah Wood slated to narrate. Check out her whiskey-and-heartache-soaked version of “Your Cheatin’ Heart”:

Yeah, we know. We should be calling this Country/Western of Asian, except there’s something so punk rock about a little Japanese woman who’s so damn country.

For those of you in the New York area, Tomi will be playing her first Stateside show in four decades September 11 at Pianos on the Lower East Side, which officially makes the Lower East Side cool again (that and the knock-down-drag-out girlfight among filthy garbage cans where purses and punches were thrown that Jen witnessed the last time she was there).


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