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Annabel Park Vs. Sarah Palin: The Great Debate?

July 28th, 2010 | 6 comments | Posted by Diana

Unlike most of us, Roger Ebert doesn’t tweet just to read his own poorly-abbreviated words. So last Friday, when he suggested on Twitter that Coffee Party founder Annabel Park and Sarah Palin should chat, emphasizing that he was “very serious,” people indeed took the idea very seriously–Park herself has sparked to the challenge, and the Facebook group Annabel Park v. Sarah Palin Debate already sports 1,300+ members.

We’re not convinced Palin would ever agree to have an honest, fair, even-keeled dialog with Park (or anybody that doesn’t instantly respond to her favorite call words: USA! RULES! TEA! PARTY! OBAMA! IS A MUSLIM KENYAN SOCIALIST! NEWSPAPERS! ALL OF ‘EM! GOTCHA! GOTCHA!). But if this fantasy conversation ever did happen, we imagine it would be quite illuminating. Perhaps something like…

PARK: It’s a pleasure to sit down with you, Mrs. Palin. Thanks for speaking with me.

PALIN: Ohh, you think I’m gonna fall for that one, dontchoo? You sneaky little buggers!

PARK: I’m not sure I know what you mean.

PALIN: I’m not falling into any of your socialist liberal commie traps, MIZ Park!

PARK: Please—just call me Annabel.

PALIN: Okay, Annabel. Can I call ya Ann?

PARK: Well, I guess so, I mean–but that’s not actually my name.

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SELF-VLOGELLASIAN: Strung Out On Guitar Heroines

March 25th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

Just another day at the office: Jen, Diana, a cute dog, Xbox 360, scotch, Guitar Hero, an unlit cigarette, and lots of insightful conversasian.

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Careless Whispers of a Good Friend

September 15th, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

DIANA: (whispering) Hi!

JEN: (giggling) Hi!

DIANA: (whispering) What’s up?

JEN: (whispering) Why are we whispering?

DIANA: (whispering) Because of the photo I chose for this post! Anyway…

JEN: Anyway…

DIANA: Did you hear what Kimora said about Sarah Palin the other day?

JEN: I don’t listen much to what Kimora has to say. How’d it go down?

DIANA: She was talking about that crazy Alaskan’s shoes. She was like, “[Sarah Palin's] choice of shoes is wrong, for me.”

JEN: Burn! Wait, which shoes? These?

[Jen pulls up a picture of...]

DIANA: Hmm. Those shoes, if you can call them that, are heinous. But she must have meant something else. She also said, “I think she needs a nice, fierce pump, honey. Those open-toe, old, Gucci-looking throwbacks with the buckle on the front? Open-toe! With a French manicure on her toe? I’m sorry. I think she needs to be a little more refined.

JEN: (snorting) Refined??

DIANA: Yeah!

JEN: We are talking about Kimora Lee Simmons, right?

[Jen pulls up a picture of...]

DIANA: Hmm. Yeah.

JEN: Hmm.


JEN: Well, you know, it’s a cold day in Hell when Kimora and I agree on something.

DIANA: So true.

JEN: Welp, I guess Satan’s gotta put on a sweatshirt, then!

DIANA: Hee hee!

JEN: Hee hee!

DIANA: Did you just say that, that whole thing about Satan in a sweatshirt?

JEN: That depends, did you just write it in your post?


JEN: These dialogues have become way too existential for me to even deal with.

DIANA: Right?

JEN: Right. Go to bed.

DIANA: (whispering) Okay.

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