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Glenn Beck On Why Doing Good Is Oh-So Bad

October 24th, 2009 | 1 comment | Posted by Diana

Glenn Beck continues to uncover the ugly truth about the Obama administration’s dastardly plots to change this home of the free and land of the brave into… “Mao’s China.

Dissenters, prepare to be tortured for pleasure, thrown into war, tossed into labor camps, and–if you’re lucky–chased out of the country.

Where does the totalitarian state of America begin? Apparently, with volunteerism–which should most certainly not be encouraged by influentials or public figures or leaders of any sort, because that’s propaganda, y’know, like in Mao’s China–where Disney also offered people free passes for a day of good-doing.

Beck argues that volunteering is only good if a person wanted to do it anyway. And even though most of us in his “most generous” America are selfish fucks–who don’t want to pay for our peers’ health care, weep at the thought of losing a tax break, guzzle as much gas/grease/booze as will fit into our bloated lives, and don’t care that this country is burning down to the ground while taking each one of us fat, egocentric, xenophobic, ignoramuses down with it–the most important thing in these tough times is that not to lift this country to a better place, but to assure that nobody’s makin’ us do fuckin’ nothin’ (Ya hear me, Obama?!!?)!!! Especially nothin’ good. Or fer free.


But that’s missing the point! We’re talking about Mao’s China here! Which is something to make light of, like Beck’s little stage friend here:


[Examiner: Glenn Beck Says Volunteerism Is 'Like Living In Mao's China']

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Naomi Campbell’s Soup Kitchen

September 10th, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

Naomi Campbell began community service in a London soup kitchen yesterday for her April air-rage incident. Unlike her last public penance stunt stint, there were no photographers on hand this time to document what Naomi was wearing to the runway sho–er, I mean, to community service. Which could mean one of three things:

1) She’s humbled and learned her lesson

2) She takes her rehabilitasian very seriously

3) Her publicist told her that sashaying into community service dripping with Louboutins and Birkins makes her seem like an unrepentant ass-clown

Thanks, Jasmine!

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