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Whatever Fur?

April 15th, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

You know when you’re waiting in line at a a fast food counter, maybe at an airport McDonald’s for a cheeseburger, or Wendy’s for a cute, cold, delicious Frosty? And there’s a dude in front of you that smells a little bit like old hair, who makes a giant production of ordering: two double cheeseburgers, one fried chipotle sandwich with extra bacon, one fried chicken salad with extra ranch and croutons, extra large fries, an order of chicken nuggets, a cup of chili, and two apple pies.

“Oh,” he adds. “And an extra large Diet Coke.”

You think the same thing to yourself every time. He’s not foolin’ anybody with that Diet Coke. He just ain’t foolin’ anybody.

And in my opinion, neither is Japanese fashion designer Chie Imai, whose “ecological fur” creations (designs that incorporate recycled synthetic fabrics with real chinchilla and mink fur) seem to me just an green-market-era semantical ploy.

This is not about positions on the fur issue–it’s about calling a spade a spade. And, my friends, “eco-fur” (LIKE WHA??) is a spade.


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