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Funny Or Die’s Spoof Of That Horrible Hoekstra Ad

February 8th, 2012 | 2 comments | Posted by Jen

Controversial Racist Pete Hoekstra Ad – watch more funny videos

That Ali Wong is pretty adorbs. Does this mean I have to start watching Are You There, Chelsea?, where Wong plays Laura Prepon’s–i.e. the Chelsea Handler character’s–BFF? I’m not sure I can handle that. My only takeaway from watching Handler is that she’s the King Midas of comedy, only everything she touches turns into a hacky racist joke that people somehow excuse because she’s a woman who says “cunt” a lot.

Anyone seen the show? What do y’all think?

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Chelsea Handler Makes Asian Small Penis Joke

March 11th, 2010 | 11 comments | Posted by Jen

Wednesday night, Chelsea Handler interviewed Bradley Cooper about his experience working on The Hangover, and talk turned to that now-infamous scene in the movie in which Ken Jeong goes full-frontal. Handler then decided to make the ol’ Asian Small Penis joke:

BRADLEY COOPER: Ken Jeong’s penis on my neck was very normal. Ken came up with that idea that day.

CHELSEA HANDLER: I bet he did.

BRADLEY COOPER: He said, Hey, Todd, I’d like to be naked. And he’s like, Yeah, sure, whatever. And then I didn’t realize…the part I play in that scenario, was that I get, like, neck herpes from it. But he hid it well, so it was okay.

CHELSEA HANDLER: Well, he’s Asian, so…

Watch HERE.

There’s a lot I could say about this–like, how it’s exactly the kind of unfunny hacky tripe people have come to expect from Chelsea Handler–but I’m just going to let the hate mail that’s going to get heaped on this chick do all the talking.

(psst…Here’s her Twitter profile.)

[AOL TV: Bradley Cooper Dishes on Ken Jeong's Penis]

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Thank God There’s a "Laugh" Sign

June 21st, 2007 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

So apparently this Chelsea Handler cuntard is a low-rent Sarah Silverman with her own sublebrity-bashing program on E! During this clip, chronic unfunnyman Jay Leno inquires about what kind of topics her hot new show will deal with, which she reveals: Britney’s exposed vag, Paris in JzzzzZZzzzZzzZZZzzzzzzz… oh gosh, sorry, I fell asleep.

Struggling with her pre-planned zingers, ZZzzzzZZZZzzZzZzzzHandler works through her Angelina Jolie bit, using little Vietnamese Pax as the anchor for a handful of boring, played Asian jokes. Were it not for Robin Williams stealing the scene in a panic, the whole thing would have just been crickets.. crickets…ZZZzzzzzzZZzzz.

I got to say, I’ve given this about a full minute of ZZZzZzZzzzcommitted thought, and I’m not offended by her played jokes. Now if she’d sung “Chinese, Japanese, Dirty Knees, Look at these,” then–THEN– we’d be dealing with something new.


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