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No, Canada: Our Neighbor To The North Gets Its Own ‘Jersey Shore’

November 9th, 2010 | 6 comments | Posted by Jen

Canada, you’re supposed to be a refuge from the ugly shit that makes Americans, well, Americans, and, perhaps more importantly, not you.

You know, shit like unaffordable heath care and violent crime? (Although, to be fair, you did inflict Celine Dion upon the world, the violentest of violent crimes if there ever was one.)

But Celine Dion aside, your record of being morally superior to us Americans–while possessing considerably less swag, no offense–has remained relatively untarnished over the years…until now.

Meet the cast of Canada’s Lake Shore, i.e. The True Story of Eight Strangers–aka “The Turk,” “The Italian,” “The Jew,” “The Czech,” “The Pole,” “The Albanian,” “The Lebanese,” and “The Vietnamese”–Picked to Live in a House Together and Have Their Lives Taped in Order to Forever Disabuse You of the Idea that Canada Is the More Tolerant Society You’ll Escape to When the Tea Party Takes Over and Sarah Palin’s Elected President in 2012:

Sore-y to say, Canada, but your answer to Jersey Shore not only makes you not us, it makes you look much, much worse.

[via Entertainment Weekly]

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I Believe In Celine and Yuna!

December 18th, 2007 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

Guess biz-nas in US have been slow for Dion since she got dropped as the official songstress of HRC’s campaign and took her last bow in Vegas! Celine “Da Diva” Dion has apparently now spread her wings towards the ATMs audiences of Japan, releasing a beautiful new duet with J-Pop star Yuna Ito:

Oh boy! From the soft, meaningful hand grasp at the song’s opening measure, to the creepy intimate eye contact throughout, to the scary hug and awkward thumbs-up warm embrace at the end, this beautiful collaborasian drips with sincerity! No way does it reek of Ka-Ching Chong!

[vomits in mouth]
[buys "A World To Believe In" mp3 single on iTunes]

Thanks, jRu?

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