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Me Love You Long Tongue

August 12th, 2011 | 11 comments | Posted by Diana

Though it might seem a bit strange, I LOVE that 19-year-old Rhiannon Brooksbank–Jones, a UK student, got her slightly-shorter-than-average tongue lengthened–in a parent-approved, 15-minute elective lingual frenectomy.

All so that she could speak Korean without sounding “foreign.”

From the Telegraph UK:

“I’d been learning Korean for about two years, and my speaking level was high, but I was really struggling with particular sounds,” she said.

It became apparent after a little while that I was having trouble with the Korean letter ‘L’, which is very frequent and comes from a slightly higher place in the mouth than the English ‘L’, and that my tongue was too short.

Koreaphiles come in all shapes, sizes, and levels of commitment, but Brooksbank-Jones clearly knows that, err, bullshit walks and surgery talks. (Wait, what?) Or that getting freaky with Korean girls all through college does not a Korean expert make. Or that Korean culture is not *just* about imbibing copious amounts of Hite beer, KBBQ, TV dramas and sexy/angry/pretty men (Or is it?).

What I mean is, though she’s studied the language for two years, plans to major in Korean at University, and dreams of living in her beloved Asian country as an adult, she knows that real Koreans won’t pay her any mind unless she speaks like a native. And she did what it takes to speak like a native (in this case, that meant a small incision in the flap connecting her tongue and mouth floor). This chick is so not fucking around!

But just a quick aside: I had no idea that lingual frenectomies were so easy-peasy. To think that a simple snip could help someone speak an entirely different language? It has me wondering if a quick tongue-lengthening might help one speak all kinds of other languages… perhaps even the language of love? And by “language of love,” I mean YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.

[Telegraph UK: British Student Has Tongue Lengthened To Speak Korean]

Thanks, Chris!

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Alexa Chung For Madewell Has Arrived!

September 9th, 2010 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

Gals. If you’re into what “trend forecaster” Nina Stotler calls the “quirky coquette” look that seems to be everywherrre this fall and is, as Stotler says, “currently embodied by young stars like Alexa Chung”–who’s our kind of babe–you can buy it for a reasonable-ish price at Madewell, J. Crew’s younger sister store, which launched their Alexa Chung for Madewell line today.

(And, no, this isn’t a sponsored post, although Madewell really should pay me for this shit and also Diana for being a walking advert–and a hot one at that–for their jeggings, which she wore when we appeared on the cover of Hyphen.)

Since I couldn’t sleep last night, I ended up scouting out the collection early and buying this top instead:

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October 28th, 2009 | 4 comments | Posted by Jen

jay sean

Having already made a name for himself in the UK and India, British singer Kamaljit Singh Jhooti, better known as Jay Sean, is poised for big things in the States.

In 2008, he became the first British Asian artist to sign with an American label, Cash Money Records. “Down” (featuring labelmate Lil Wayne), the lead single off of his forthcoming American debut, All or Nothing, went platinum after two months and is currently #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, making Jay Sean the only artist of Indian descent to achieve a number one-single in the U.S. And this week he made his first American television appearance on “Ellen,” which means he’s not only well on his way to becoming a household name (and the soundtrack of choice for power-walking suburban Moms across America), but that his music crosses over age, race, gender, and economic lines.

Another gauge of Jay Sean’s potential mass appeal can be found on YouTube, where “Down” has been covered a bajillion times in countless different ways.

There’s the geeky piano recital version:

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Naveen Andrews Is Cooler Than You

January 8th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

On Wednesday, Lost star Naveen Andrews won sole custody of the son he fathered in 2005 with actress Elena Eustache when he was “on a break” from his current actress GF, Barbara Hershey. Eustache had accused Andrews of trying to poison their son and Hershey of practicing witchcraft. Once custody had been granted to Andrews, the actor’s lawyer asked the court to order a psychiatric evaluation of Eustache during the hearing (um, ya think?). Now, if only the court would order Andrews to do something about that greazy hot mess of hair he’s always working.

If y’all think this recent development in the 39 year-old, Indish (Indian-British) actor’s life is crazazy, try reading his bio on Wikipedia. Andrews has one other child, a 16 year-old, from a relationship he had with his high school math teacher that began when he was 16. Andrews clearly has a thing for Cougars, as Hershey is 21 years his senior. Also, the man who plays the biggest badass on the island is a recovering alcoholic and heroin addict, who has admitted to “collapsing” on jobs before getting clean. The last line in his Wikipedia bio notes that he “also plays guitars and sings.”

A man of many talents, obviously.

Lost premieres Wednesday, January 21.


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A Little Dippy Out There

October 7th, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

We were pretty excited when we heard that a Brit resident of Spain dropped trou (and everything else) to take a fun skinny dipping jaunt around the moat of Japan’s Imperial Palace yesterday. He scaled the wall, threw rocks at police, and splashed water before escaping the shield of the water for a 90-chase before being apprehended.

“Brit expat Spaniard running IN THE BUFF around the Imperial Palace?? HOT!!” we thought.

Until, of course…

…we saw…

…the dude.


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BABEWATCH: Alexa Chung

June 17th, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

Name: Alexa Chung

Hails from: England

Occupation: BrIt Girl and TV host

Why She’s a Babe: Normally, we don’t go in for girls who are more famous for what they wear than who they are, but there’s something effortlessly cool and likable about the 24 year-old Chung, who is 3/8 Chinese (Dad is 3/4 and, yes, we had to get out the calculator to come up with that one). Plus, she has a grunge-y gamine style that sets her apart from most celebutards and lands her in every UK magazine. And when Chung was a host on Popworld, a British pop culture, news, and music video show, we love how she put off a few of her famous guests with her breezy irreverence, as she did with the humorless lead singer of Panic! At the Disco or with Gwen Stefani, when she asked what Gwen’s new poop-fume will smell like:


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ROCK OF ASIAN: David Jordan

February 13th, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

Sure, you could argue that the UK’s new golden boy David Jordan has an unhealthy appreciation for Justin Timberlake’s pops and Lenny Kravitz’s locks… but hell, my friend jRu and I love a pretty guy that can sing, dance, and remind us more of Prince than anyone right now besides, well, Prince.

Set the mood with his funky new album (entitled: “Set the Mood”–get it?) or just see more Jordan here.

xo, jRu!

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June 11th, 2007 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

Name: Ray Yeung

Age: Shut your mouth!

Occupation: Writer, Director, Producer, Chairman of the Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival Society

Known for: Running the HK Lesbian and Fay Film Fest since 2000, starting his own production company– Rice is Nice Productions in London, and…

…his forthcoming first feature: CUT SLEEVE BOYS, which according to Yeung is a film about modern gay Asian lives–that asks, “What happens to gay men once they’ve accepted their queerness? Do they live gaily ever after?” (Jen and I say: “We sure hope so!”) The film’s real goal? Breaking Gaysian stereotypes. Awesome.

View the Cut Sleeve Boys trailer here.

Bottom line: British, Gaysian, Brassy, and Outrasian? SIGN US UP!


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