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Across the Universasian

September 19th, 2007 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

I was just having a conversation last night with friends about whether or not we wanted to see Across the Universe, Julie Taymor’s new flick with the bitchin’ Beatles soundtrack, which opens wide this weekend. On the one hand, you get to listen to Beatles music for two hours…probably a magical experience and hard to fuck up. But on the other, the trailer, while visually enticing, was totally confusing, and I have a pet peeve about watching people paint and scratch out drawings on the big screen; to me, that’s like watching people check their email.

But, today, one of our dear readers Liz sent me this Across the Universe clip of “I Wanna Hold Your Hand,” sung by newcomer T.V. Carpio, whose mother Teresa is a legendary Hong Kong performer.

Which sold me on the movie. I love T.V.’s plaintive version of the time-worn song, and homegirl’s smokin’ hot with a cool mole on her upper lip…which means this might be the last time you find her on the sideline bleachers.


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