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October 9th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

HuffPo and Buzzfeed have posted a video demonstrating the remarkable usability of Japanese developer BottleCube’s latest iPhone app creation: Puff!

Puff! features scenes of cute Japanese girls in plausible situations (For instance, flipping over a jungle gym bar in a sexy little cheerleading outfit, or eyeing you seductively in a dark lounge while concealing summer panties and garter belt that she secretly wants you to see), whose skirts can be “blown” up high to reveal their underthings with just a tap/rub up the screen or blow on the iPhone mic. The harder you rub and blow, the higher her skirt flies, and the more delighted (via squeals) she seems.

But not everyone can get Puff! on the iPhone. In fact, the iTunes App store says you must be at least 17 years old to download:

But we think it could be a little simpler than that. To download this app, you kinda just have to fuckin’ BLOW. Like, really, really hard.

[HuffPo: Puff iPhone App Simulates Looking Up Girls' Skits (VIDEO)]
[BuzzFeed: Puff! An iPhone App For Perverts]

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Just Say No to (Bad) Blow

September 4th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

This has been a terrible week…for cocaine.

Hello Kitty Cocaine Bricks, No Shit

First, Daily Intel reports that NY coke dealers have been so hurt by the recession, they’ve resorted to cold-calling old clients and selling in parks. Then the AP reveals that our cocaine blows–1/3 of the coke seized in America is tainted with a potentially-lethal veterinary drug, possibly because of “economic pressures.” Is this any way to celebrate 25 years since the debut of Bright Lights, Big City?! What is this recession-ravaged world coming to?

One thing about cocaine, however, hasn’t changed. As Washington DEA spokesperson Paul Knierim put it:

“I think the message is the same: Don’t use cocaine, it’s a dangerous drug.”

Ahh, stating the obvious clarity.

[Daily Intel: Hit by Recession, Cocaine Dealers Resort to Cold-calling]
[AP via HuffPo: Nearly 1/3 Of Cocaine Seized In U.S. Is Tainted]


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