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Leave Lady GaGa Alone!

February 9th, 2010 | 9 comments | Posted by Diana

Just wanted to let you guys know that in her own words, Lady Gaga (aka Stefani Germanatta) is actually “very shy.”

Yeap. And I’m a crack-smoking, figure-skating, 7-foot-9 Norwegian with a bicycle fetish and PhD in abstract calculus, whose parents hugged and encouraged them to follow their heart, not their mind, too much as a child.

[Gossip Center: Lady GaGa Talks Shyness]


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Bitch, Please

December 10th, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

This week, US Weekly nabbed an exclusive with Tila Tequila, whose book Hooking Up with Tila Tequila is in stores now, where she told the tabloid that she wants to adopt a boy.

“Sometimes I think, like, let’s just run away from Hollywood and adopt a son, and do my own thing,” she said. “But then I realize, you know what? I want to make at least another billion dollars before I adopt children so I can just focus on them.”

“ANOTHER billion dollars”? Really? I’m not so hot with numbers (I fake it pretty well, though), but doesn’t saying you want to make another billion dollars suggest that you’ve already made a billion dollars?

Dayum, Tila. A few may have bought into the idea of you being bi, but how stupid do you think people really are?


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Hardass White Grandpa Saves the Day

November 14th, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

It’s a little early to talk about movies opening during the holidays that I’m looking forward to, but I saw the trailer for Gran Torino the other night, and I can’t wait! It’s directed by and starring Clint Eastwood, whose films I normally despise for their overwrought, Method-acting emo-ness, but Gran Torino is different, because it’s a comedy.

The movie’s about an old, crusty, racist Korean War vet (Eastwood) who protects his Hmong neighbors when they are terrorized by gangbangers. It’s a classic Hollywood storyline–big brave white man saves little brown people incapable of saving themselves–but here’s the funny part: OUR HERO/SAVIOR IS ALMOST EIGHTY YEARS OLD AND ABOUT TO GO INTO A NURSING HOME. And kinda looks like he has Parkinson’s. And needs a cane. And maybe wears an adult diaper.

Take a look:

See what I mean? Laugh-out-loud funny.

Gran Torino opens in limited release December 17.

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Bitch, Please.

July 30th, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

In the current issue of Vogue, Zhang Ziyi says that she doesn’t understand why people have been protesting the Olympics.

“I don’t see why people are so negative. The games are about friendship,” she says. “I’m Chinese and I’m proud of my country.”

Listen, lady. I’m Chinese and I’m muthafuckin proud of my mother ship, too. A lot of people like me are. But just because I’m juiced for the Olympics and ready to lock myself in my house for the next month doesn’t mean I don’t understand why people are “negative.” Yeah, it hurts me when people conflate the Chinese government with the people, and I’d like to think that if your average American lived one day in your average Chinese’s shoes, fighting their way onto a public bus, shitting in a dirty public squat toilet, watching every word they say, they would get why the Olympics matter so much to China. But that doesn’t change the fact that the Chinese government does a lot of shady shit. The Olympic Games are putting China on center stage and, for better AND for worse, China’s detractors. Don’t act like you don’t know the score, Zhang Ziyi. That’s plain stupid. And stupid, girl, ain’t very Chinese.

[via HuffPo]


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