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November 10th, 2010 | 3 comments | Posted by Diana

I have overplayed Best Coast’s debut full-length from Mexican Summer, “Crazy For You,” to the point of nausea, since August of this year. I blast it in the car, listen to it in the bedroom, sing what words I can remember during my morning shower, let it seep through the speakers when I’m blogging about other bands. You might think I’m obsessed, but I would argue that it’s not about me. Something in the girly, silly, lazy, bratty, surfy, stony, gritty indie tuneage adheres to the brain and you kinda can’t shake it. It’s hard to imagine that anybody could.

In short, Best Coast is crack. And my stereo is the pipe.

There’s something about “Crazy For You” that takes me to a different place, outside of the eastside LA hood that I happen share with the band, a place somewhere in my memory: It’s the late nineties, I’m wearing a Cub tee and bright red lipstick, leaning against a beat-up mid-century office chair (the fruit of a good dumpster dive) on the floor of an artfully dingy Bay area dining room, inhaling the pervasive house aroma (a mix of Nag Champa, wheatgrass, clove cigarettes, dusty vinyl, rum and crappy Canadian weed) of my host’s charmingly shitty abode. The house is filled with friends that only seem to wear various shades of hemp. We’re ranking all the bands on Lookout! Records. I’m listing rockass chick bass players I wish I could be. We all just bought a bunch of used first-edition CDs at Amoeba. I don’t own a cell phone. Nothing in this moment is ironic. Nobody has ever used the word “hipster” to describe someone or something occurring after 1970.

It’s a fantastic escape. I feel light, like I did then–when a drive to SF, lap around Haight-Ashbury and $5 rock show was all a person needed to feel alive.  But always, the album ends and I realize that I’m looking at my laptop, writing about famous assholes and dirty Continue reading ROCK OF ASIAN: Best Coast

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BABEWATCH: Cathy Chow And Corina Nurimba, Co-Founders Of Tobi

January 5th, 2010 | 1 comment | Posted by Diana

Names: Cathy Chow And Corina Nurimba

Hail from: Bay Area

Occupation: Boutique owners, co-founders of, a “1-1 online shopping experience”

Why They’re Babes: We love ladies with good taste. And Cathy and Corina, who own SF’s Azalea (selling our favorite kinds of jeans, blazers, smocks, socks), and founded the innovative online store Tobi, happen to have exquisite taste. And sometimes they save you a buck or two, which never hurts in these shit economic times.

And for fashionistas, they’re more sweet than sassy, and more savvy than street. Check the vibe on their web series, Tobi TV:




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ROCK OF ASIAN: Ill-Literacy Finally Dropped A Studio Rekkid, iB4the1.1

December 2nd, 2009 | 1 comment | Posted by Diana

Bay Area funk-soul-hop outfit, Ill-Literacy has been rolling large since ’06. But this week, our pals from up north released a long overdue studio record: iB4the1.1.

Clever, funny, eclectic, inventive, electric. Doggone it, but hot damn! iB4the1.1 sure is something to wag your tail at. Hot listens: “Genteleman’s Kool-Aid” for the wacky groove, “The HereNow” for smooth tongue-tickles, “Circus Nights” for your New Year’s Eve anthem.

Better, yet, the album is free for download! Right now, you ask? Yes, RIGHT NOW!

Get edumucated about Ill-Lit here. And snag the album while you’re there.

[Ill-Literacy on MySpace]
[Ill-Literacy - Official Site]

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We ♥ The Future Mr. Hyphen

November 13th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

This weekend, one man will be crowned as 2009′s Mr. Hyphen!!!

This will be the 4th-ever Mr. Hyphen meta-pageant, made possible by the partnership of Hyphen Magazine and the Oakland Asian Cultural Center.

The festivities sum up as such:

While structured like a pageant with rounds of talent, fashion and Q&A, Mr. Hyphen turns stereotypes on their heads in front of a sold-out crowd. Striking a blow for equal-opportunity all-in-good-fun ogling, Mr. Hyphen is an energy-filled evening of fun and charity. Rounds will be decided alternately by an audience vote and by an illustrious panel of judges. The man who is crowned Mr. Hyphen wins a $1,000 cash donation to his nonprofit organization.

If you’re in the Bay Area, ‘twould be downright sad for you to miss the parade of hotness! Especially since you can swing the vote! So here’s the info:

Saturday, November 14, 7 – 10pm

Oakland Asian Cultural Center (Pacific Renaissance Plaza, second floor)
388 9th Street, Suite 290
Oakland, CA 94607
(510) 637-0455

Buy Advance tickets here (available until 4pm, November 13): $15
Buy tickets at the door: $20

AND: Continue reading We ♥ The Future Mr. Hyphen

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