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ROCK OF ASIAN: I Am Spoonbender

February 25th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

Alright, alright. If you’ve been following I Am Spoonbender for years, don’t hate. I’m slow. I just realized that one of my favorite chicks, Robynn Iwata (guitar-plucker from the now-defunct Vancouver band, cub), has been rocking keys, vox, and freaky-rad bangs for IAS since ’97.

Bangin’: Robynn Iwata

It’s everything that’s good about Electro-prog-indie-synth-fuzz-werk–disjointed, spacey, futuristic, danceable, visceral tunes that infiltrate your dreams. What have I been doing without it for the last decade? Just crying, motionless, here on Earth, I suppose.

Listen up here. Get news and updates here.

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