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Paris Hilton’s “Gum” Keeps Her Out Of Japan

September 22nd, 2010 | 5 comments | Posted by Diana

Okay, a note to whoever cut the new NMA animasian detailing Paris Hilton’s arrest record in light of her recent guilty plea for coke possession: Please come work at DISGRASIAN. PLEASE. PLEASE. We can pay you in barbed compliments and brown liquor. And awkward hugs.

Here’s the piece I’m referring to:

What isn’t covered in the video is what happened the following day. Poor little Paris flew all the way to Tokyo to make promo appearances peddling her bag and fragrance lines, but was denied entry to Japan at Narita airport. According to HuffPo, “under Japanese law, immigration authorities are empowered to deny entry to those who have been convicted of drug-related offenses.”

Hilton’s rep, Dawn Miller, made a statement on the celebutard’s behalf:

“Paris was contractually bound to her business trip and didn’t want to let down her brands and many Asian fans. She intended on fulfilling her contract and is trying hard to do the responsible thing, but this is beyond her control. She is very disappointed by tonight’s events. Paris is shocked and apalled that a famous-for-nothing of her tenure might actually have to be accountable for her derelict actions, and face any sort of consequences for her incessant spittooeying in the face of the law.*”

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ROCK OF ASIAN: Don’t Forget To Eat Your Instruments

September 15th, 2010 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

There are those that can make a pot pipe out of anything: a square of foil, an apple, a coke can, a stuffed animal. Some folks can make guitars out of driftwood or old transmissions or three-ring binders. Some people can turn absolutely anything into a pie.

This guy makes musical instruments out of vegetables.

He can play a carrot pan flute waltz, for example:

And have you ever seen anybody play a daikon radish slide whistle?

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DISGRASIAN’s Summer Reading: We All Scream For Ice Cream

August 24th, 2010 | 4 comments | Posted by Diana

We’ll be away from our desks the month of August, carrying on with the non-bloggy aspects of our lives, watching mindless movie blockbusters, and indulging in summery drinks made with generous pours of bourbon. During this month, we’ll be linking each day to a different website that we ♥. Hopefully you’ll discover something delightful and new while we’re gone. If not, you are a serious Captain Crankypants and are probably in dire need of a summery drink made with a generous pour of bourbon.

‘Til September, lovelies.

Summer shmummer. Guys, it’s too fucking hot in Los Angeles right now to do anything. Too hot to walk, too hot to think, too hot to blog, too hot to be nice. It is literally too hot for me to like anybody else’s site enough to send you there, so I’m breaking the DISGRASIAN vacasian rules.

Instead, I am sharing a video of a Japanese robot serving ice cream. It’s the only thing that can make me smile at this particular moment because I am COOKING INSIDE MY OWN SKIN. GOD HELP LOS ANGELES.

[YouTube: Yaskawa-kun Robot Sells Ice Cream In Japan]

Thanks, G Scott and Doug!

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What I Learned From A Weekend Of Watching World Cup Soccer

June 14th, 2010 | 4 comments | Posted by Diana

Like I mentioned last week, I don’t know a lot about soccer–but I dig the aggro gentleman’s sport (and the gentlemen that play it) and I truly respect that it’s The World’s Game. So this weekend, when I wasn’t reading the July 2010 issue of Martha Stewart Living (it has such cute pies on the cover!), or happily booing Ron Artest at the free throw line, I was watching solid hours of sweet-ass international soccer.

Here’s what a learned:

a) Sucks to be Robert Green.


b) No, seriously. It sucks.

c) Japan fans rule.
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Business Cat, Business Cat, What Are They Feeding You?

February 1st, 2010 | 5 comments | Posted by Diana

Dear Business Cat,

I know you’re an actor and all, but you seem to have a lot of chutzpah (not to mention specs and a necktie), so I’m just going to follow my gut here and ask you a quick question.

Do you have any administrative experience? See, Intern Jasmine is really overloaded (our bad) and she totally needs an assistant. All you would have to do is order her meals, file her taxes, make sure her car registration is paid, call her in for jury duty, check her business email, reply to her business email, spellcheck her tweets, pick up her dry cleaning, break up with guys she’s tired of, untag photos on Facebook that associate her with former friends, make reservations at her favorite restaurants, and… whatever other odds and ends you still have time for. You also have to read DISGRASIAN every day (and spellcheck my posts too, as I get carried away sometimes).

I’m going to be up front here. The pay isn’t great. But at DISGRASIAN HQ there are (in excess): warm windowsills, cardboard boxes, crinkled up pieces of paper, tuna juice, laps, carpet squares, string, yarn, twine, ribbon, very tall spots for sitting (or standing or planning a pounce), tiny stuffed mice, ping pong balls, little toys that roll and make Continue reading Business Cat, Business Cat, What Are They Feeding You?

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ROCK OF ASIAN: Ninjasonik

November 4th, 2009 | 1 comment | Posted by Diana

Ninjasonik recently released the party track, “Tight Pants, which hails hip hop kids in tight pants as champions daring to be different. They send a lyrical shout-out to Uniqlo, our favorite Japanese low-cost outfitter and a prominent supplier of the “tight pants movement.”

But the props don’t stop there–Ninjasonik then teamed up with a bunch of Brooklyn cool kids (like my long-lost pal Jake Septimus) to produce a music video almost entirely composed of clips from Uniqlock, Uniqlo’s awesomely weird widget/microsite, which features emotionless scenes of models dancing in formation.

And WAITAMINUTE: Are those little fuzzy characters an homage to Miyazaki’s soot sprites? If so, we love this spot even MORE.

Check out more Ninjasonik, including the remix of Matt n Kim’s “Daylight,” (via ONTD), on MySpace.

[Uniqlock: Music. Dance. Clock.]

[MySpace: Ninjasonik]

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August 3rd, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

Name: Beatin Hearts

Occupation: Dance Crew

Known for: If you’ve never heard of them before, Beatin Hearts is an established troupe of Japanese hip hop dancers composed of only growned-up ladies (the current roster boasts members between the age of 44 and 56). I had the pleasure of witnessing one of their exuberant performances over the weekend at the 2009 World Hip Hop Dance Championship–and even though I had heard tales, I wasn’t really prepared for such an awesome sight (After all, my mom dances like one of those battery-operated Christmas Santas, and seeing an Usher record on sale at Costco is probably the closest she’ll ever get to hip hop).

Let me tell you, these mommies know how to sh-sh-shake their shit. And they absolutely love it (after the group walked away from this performance, they proceeded to convene backstage and weep with joy), which is probably the most amazian thing of all.

I could yammer on about this all day, but you really need to see it to believe it:

Once again, these ladies are between the ages of 44 and 56! Big-time MILTHs (Mothers I’d Like To Hug)!


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Giant Robots Rule

June 23rd, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana


Gizmodo recently posted pictures of the 59-foot tall, fully armed and operative (well, at least lit up and moving) Gundam robot that was erected in Tokyo, and it’s just totally dfi;!!%&@fjdsiof dsajfdwowwowwowwow fucking amazing!

Now, if they could only build a giant Ann Curry, fully armed and operative, as well. That would be friggin’ insaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaane!!!

“What the world needs is a BIG me.”

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