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The World’s First Sex Robot Has Been Unveiled, And It Doesn’t Look Like Ann Curry…

January 11th, 2010 | 8 comments | Posted by Diana

…NOR was it invented by the Japanese!!!

She can't move her head, but sure does give great...

Roxxxy, the first functional sex robot with artificial intelligence, was unveiled by New Jersey-based creator TrueCompanion at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas over the weekend.

From Fox News:

“She can’t vacuum, she can’t cook but she can do almost anything else if you know what I mean,” Douglas Hines, the president of ROXXXY manufacturer TrueCompanion, told the AFP. “She’s a companion. She has a personality. She hears you. She listens to you. She speaks. She feels your touch. She goes to sleep. We are trying to replicate a personality of a person.”

Not to hate on a breakthrough, but we’re a little dissatisfied. Sure, a sex robot sounds great. But we couldn’t care less if our robot sleeps, feels our touch, or talks about her day. We want her to call us a stallion, screw us on demand, and occasionally cook us a lasagna. Is that too much to ask?

[via HuffPo]
[Fox News: ROXXXY, the World's First Life-Size Robot Girlfriend]


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ROPID: Cuter Than A Baby Prawn

November 6th, 2009 | 4 comments | Posted by Diana

Meet Ropid (Rapid + Robot), a new robot just unveiled by scientists in Japan that jumps, responds to directions…

…and is about 10,396,574 more adorable and fun to watch than your obnoxious little cousin with 1 year of ballet and 4 years of piano lessons under her belt, who your aunt dresses up in stupid party dresses every time there’s the teeniest, mundane family function going on–who she will HUSH AN ENTIRE ROOM FOR (sometimes even an NBA Playoff game) so that the little fucker can sing a song and dance it out, then follow with an encore presentasian of a plunked-out, shitty Sonatina on the piano.

10,396,574 more adorable and fun to watch than your cuz. And you can turn it off.

[BBC News: Jumping Robot An 'Entertainer']

Thanks, Jasmine!

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Introducing the LOLrioKart, aka The Shopping Cart Car

July 2nd, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

Some clever kids at MIT have invented the LOLrioKart, an electric vehicle made out of a shopping cart, that reaches speeds up to 45 mph. It’s like a DIY Segway with way more charm and charisma. Here’s a video from one of the LOLrioKart’s first road tests (we added the music to drown out that awful sound of clattering metal):

To learn more about the shopping cart car, click here.

[via TrendHunter]

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Of Course, The Perfect Cure for the Great American Hangover…

January 19th, 2009 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

… that I’m suffering from up here in our nation’s fine capital is a HOT DOG, encased by FRIED TATERS (via Dlisted):


And yes, this invention came from the brilliant mind of an Asian (thank you, South Korea!). We freaking rule. The only downside: that I can’t get this beautiful meal right this very second.

Guess I’m still nursing the great American hangover, then. Crap. Fuckin’ D.C.!


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