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Project Runway Season 5: Dressed to Kill

July 17th, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

The fifth season of Project Runway began rather inauspiciously last night for Jerry Tam, designer of the line FORM and the first person to get kicked off the show.

Although Jerry, a native of Butte, Montana, cites avant-garde designers Martin Margiela and Rick Owens as his influences, the look he sent down the runway was more like…avant-weird.

The challenge was to make something out of stuff bought at the grocery store Gristede’s, and most of the contestants pussed out by making dresses out of tablecloths. Jerry chose to make a raincoat out of a shower curtain, which everyone agreed turned out très serial killer. (Styling the coat with yellow dishwashing gloves did not help.)

Perhaps Jerr-Jerr has a future in costume design for horror movies? That weird raincoat looked like something out of the killer’s closet in Brian De Palma’s Dressed to Kill, a slasher flick about creepy shrinks, sweet-faced hookers, and transsexual stalkers, sprinkled with some hot sex from a very MILF-y Angie Dickinson. The movie came out in 1980, and it is so of that time. It’s about loose women who need to be punished. By a man…dressed as a woman. It’s about the decadent, chaotic 70′s getting reorganized into the much more cold and calculating 80′s. It’s about Michael Caine, cross-dressing in a blonde wig and an unforgettable raincoat:

Eek! Eeeeek! Eeeeeeeeeeeek!!!


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ROCK OF ASIAN: Adventures in Modern Music Festival

September 26th, 2007 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

Dear DISGRASIAN friends in Chi-town–get yr asses down to The Empty Bottle tonight for five days of nonstop, avant-garde, indie-rawkousness. The full lineup of the fifth annual Adventures in Modern Music fest can be found on Pitchfork, but September 30th is the date not to miss, when Japanese metal gods Boris, psychedelic guitar legend Michio Kurihara (who played on Boris’s most recent and critically-acclaimed record), and Damon and Naomi (of Galaxie 500 fame) will all perform. Kurihara will be doing double duty, playing solo and with Boris, whose video “Furi” is featured here:

Chi-town, I expect nothing less than for you to rock out with yr cock out!

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July 5th, 2007 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

The NY Times reports that last week, Yale and Juilliard-trained violinist Tom Chiu fell asleep on a subway platform in Brooklyn Heights and awoke to find his extremely valuable 1913 violin, handmade by Stefano Scarampella, stolen.
Not only did Chiu, a member of the experimental group the Flux Quartet, have to deal with the loss of his violin, which he considered an “extension” of his body, he also had to answer to his Hardass Asian Parents:

“…My parents had been robbed at the Hong Kong airport about a month before. They turned away from their cart and somebody took a handbag with their passports. They were blaming me that I didn’t learn from their lesson.”

Fortunately for Chiu, the thief had a conscience, and returned the Scarampella to a station in Coney Island.

Click here for full story.

Avant-garde noise addicts the world over can rest easy now that Chiu’s violin has been returned. Click here to listen to “For Balloon and String Quartet: Second Movement” by the Flux Quartet and Judy Dunaway. But I’m warning you, it’s a little maddening. If Hitchcock were alive today, he’d probably set a movie to it.

(Thanks to G-Unit for the tip!)


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