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Illegal Immigrasian Alert

May 15th, 2007 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

Some of you have heard by now of the Chinese citizen who stowed herself away in a shipping container in Shanghai and survived a 35-day voyage to Hendersonville, North Carolina without food and water. This illegal alien is now seeking asylum in the U.S. Here is a picture of the stowaway they call “China”:

This outrageous violation of our borders has prompted me to write a letter to our Dear Leader, President Bush.

Dear Prez,

It’s abundantly clear to me after reviewing the attached photograph that you are soft on illegal immigration, despite your best efforts to manipulate the media into thinking otherwise. We Americans must band together to protect our borders from illegal aliens, terrorists, and the occasional sneaky Canadian. Think of the consequences if you continue to allow illegals like “China” to seek asylum in our country. They will arrive in their tired, poor, huddled masses only to sap our welfare system and waste their government checks–our hard-earned tax dollars–on catnip and kitty litter. With all due respect, have you ever seen an illegal bat around a ball of string? They are, as a species, lazy, preferring to lay about all day while we honest Americans pay for them to have their teeth cleaned and their claws manicured. They must be stopped. We at DISGRASIAN will join you in this fight.

Power to the American People,
Child of Legal Immigrants and Proud Citizen


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