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HONORASIAN OF THE WEEK aka New Category Featuring Hot Dudes Diana Thinks Should be Amazians of The Week

September 18th, 2007 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

Name: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Occupation: Actor

Known for: Playing the cutest damn alien on our favorite sitcom ever–3rd Rock From the Sun, tickling our brains with the tongue twisters of our favorite indie of ’05–Brick, reprznt’n for Columbia alumni, and being a former child star without a punchline or a rock bottom.

The NY Times recently featured our amazing pal in a T Magazine piece. Read it and see all of the smokin’ hot pictures of Joe (like the one featured above) here.

The twist: Though a reliable source has repeatedly assured us that Joe has “two very adorable Jewish parents,” Diana simply can’t wrap her head around how somebody can be so darling and so prodigious without being at least a teensy bit Asian (he really isn’t, not even a teensy bit). As a result, she’s invented the new category–kinda sorta just for him. Enjoy.


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