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Michelle Malkin Desperately Wants To Be Michelle Obama

Michelle Malkin’s always had a weird bone to pick with Michelle Obama. Calling FLOTUS the President’s “bitter half,” Malkin’s long considered her “fair game” despite Malkin’s own vigorous attacks on criticism of Republican politicians’ family members. Whether it’s Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity campaign, or what she puts into her own daughters’ lunches, or fundraising for her husband’s re-election campaign–all benignly acceptable things for a FLOTUS to do–Malkin somehow manages to have a problem with it.

It wasn’t totally clear to me what Malkin’s obsession was–other than being a right-wing dick–until Michelle Obama went on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and made the hugely viral video “Evolution of Mom Dancing” (12 million views at the time of this writing), in which she busts the Dougie, among other moves, in a deliberately dorky Mom-ish way, and Michelle Malkin quickly created her own parody of the video thereafter called “Evolution of Liberal Dance” (185,000 views at the time of this writing), in which Malkin wears sunglasses for no discernible reason, dances like a nerd, and seems in places to be doing some kind of impersonation of Charlyne Yi at her most awkward.

No wonder Malkin’s called her critiques of FLOTUS “Michelle vs. Michelle”–it’s the most basic kind of junior high-girl grudge-match. Only this one is entirely one-sided. One Michelle’s well-liked and popular, the other Michelle’s roundly-hated and desperate for attention. One is sitting with the cool kids in the cafeteria, the other’s alone by her locker, eating her jellus sandwich.

[Evolution of Mom Dancing with Jimmy Fallon and Michelle Obama]
[Evolution of Liberal Dance]

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