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DISGRASIAN’s Extracurricular Activities: Helping Janet

Janet Liang needs your help.

Liang, a 24-year-old UCLA grad student, was first diagnosed with leukemia in 2009. After undergoing aggressive chemotherapy, her leukemia went into remission in 2010.

Unfortunately, the leukemia returned in late 2011. Liang’s best chance for a full recovery is a perfect marrow match, and she only has until next month to find that person. As you probably know, patients are most likely to match someone of the same race/or ethnicity, and there’s a dearth of minority patients in the donor pool.

Want to help? Here’s how:

  1. If you’re Asian, join a marrow registry to see if you are a match for Janet.
  2. If you’re not, you can still register, host your own registration drive, and help get the word out. Here are some tips on how to do just that.

Over 20,000 donors have joined the donor registry due to the outreach efforts of Liang and her team, but a match has yet to be found.  So keep spreading the word! You can also re-post the PSA above, which was made by the cast and crew of director Quentin Lee’s White Frog.

More videos, including updates from Janet Liang herself, are available at

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What’s Sexy In 2012? Not Asian, Black, Or Latina Women, According To Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret came out with their annual “What is Sexy?” list this week, and women of color basically don’t make the cut. Out of the 20 women named to the list, only two weren’t white.

Sexiest Actress – Charlize Theron

Sexiest Legs – Stacy Keibler

Sexiest Bikini Body – Annalynne McCord

Sexiest Summer Style – Blake Lively

Sexiest Summer Hair – Ashley Benson

Sexiest Smile – Jessica Chastain

Sexiest Eyes – Jennifer Lawrence

Sexiest Lips – Amanda Seyfried

Sexiest Curves – Amber Heard

Sexiest Sense of Humor – Continue reading What’s Sexy In 2012? Not Asian, Black, Or Latina Women, According To Victoria’s Secret

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People Of Color Finally Appear On GIRLS And It’s The Same Ol’ Fucking Story

After all the talk about the Small White World in which the GIRLS of HBO’s new comedy live, it was revealed Sunday in episode 4, “Hannah’s Diary,” that there are actually people of color living in that pale version of the City. And they come out of the woodwork, all at once, like…a herd of zombies!

There’s Hannah’s Puerto Rican coworker (played by Selenis Leyva) at her new temp job who 1) wears large nameplate earrings to the office, 2) tells Hannah she’ll “get used to” being sexually harassed by their boss Rich, 3) doesn’t see the point in speaking up about the sexual harassment–particularly because their boss buys them gifts–and 4) says “sassy” things like “That’s a hella different. A hella different,” in case we didn’t process ALL THE OBVIOUS SIGNS that she is, um, a hella different from Hannah.

Then there are the nannies Jessa, a newly-minted childcare worker, tries to “organize” on Continue reading People Of Color Finally Appear On GIRLS And It’s The Same Ol’ Fucking Story

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Student Survives DEA Ordeal That Would Make An Awesome Stoner Movie

UC San Diego student Daniel Chong–no relation to Tommy–was just trying to celebrate 4/20 with his bros when the DEA raided the house he was partying in. Things got exponentially worse for Chong after that when he was accidentally left in a DEA holding cell for five days without food, water, or access to a toilet. (Curiously though, there happened to be some meth in the cell, which Chong took, presumably out of desperation and/or a desire to make Neil Patrick Harris magically appear on a unicorn bearing a platter of White Castle burgers.) The 23 year-old had to drink his own urine to survive, and spent five days in the hospital after he was discovered, on the verge of kidney failure.

I know just the man to play Chong in the biopic

But that was nothing, I’m guessing, compared to what Chong’s Hardass Asian Mother did to him next, when she found out her son was “doing the drug.”

[LA Times: DEA apologizes to student left unattended in cell for 5 days]

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Popchips And Ashton Kutcher Make The Amazing Discovery That Brownface Doesn’t Sell

Only after spending $1.5 million on an online ad campaign that featured Ashton Kutcher speaking in a stereotypical Indian accent while in brownface, and having it go viral in one day but not in a good way did snack company Popchips finally realize that brownface just isn’t cool any more.

Welcome to the year 2012, you dumb fucks.

[NYT: Popchips Pulls Ashton Kutcher Ad Over Charges of Racism]

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