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Your Hipster Jeremy Lin Tee Is Here

Because it’s New York. And most New York sports fans I know are arty-farty like that, so a regular ol’ official licensed product of the NBA just won’t do.

The shirt is from Deer Dana, a label that prints portraits of cooler-than-thou luminaries on tees and totes. They’ve got a few other NBA star tees–Kobe, Paul Pierce, Amar’e–but their insider-y fashion and pop culture tees are the best. Martin Scorsese, Lanvin’s Alber Elbaz, Serge Gainsbourg, and Justin Bieber as the greek god Apollo. Below are just a few of my faves:

Clockwise from left: Karl Lagerfeld as a cowboy, vintage Dolly Parton, POTUS

[Deer Dana]

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Where The Killing Of A Fictional Black Child Exposes How We Feel About The Killing Of A Real Black Child

I saw The Hunger Games Friday afternoon, and it was good. Just good. But the part that got to me, of course, was when Rue was killed. When it happened, the first thing I thought was, She is Trayvon Martin. She was a child. She was hunted. She was hunted by aggressors much more powerful than she. She dies from a wound to the chest. In a society that allows the murder of its own children.

Then I read the racist reactions to Rue and her character’s death, which range from Continue reading Where The Killing Of A Fictional Black Child Exposes How We Feel About The Killing Of A Real Black Child

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Lamest Bitchfight Ever: Rihanna Tweets Offensive Pic At Chris Brown’s GF

Earlier this month, Rihanna tweeted a pic of a bag of rice cakes dressed in wayfarers and gold hoops accompanied by the caption “Ima make u my bitch,” which everyone interpreted as her throwing shade at Karrueche Tran, Chris Brown’s current girlfriend, who is of Vietnamese and African American descent.

Some people have asked if this is racist. YES. Yes it is. I think of Rihanna’s legion of young fans who are Asian, and I’m sad for them. I’m sad, too, that Rihanna’s instigating a bitchfight with another woman over a man-child who, um, beat her in the face.

I’m also sad that Rihanna’s eating janky-ass Safeway-brand rice cakes when she should be all over Lundberg organics, and yes, I do think that’s a metaphor for her shitty life choices.

[Rihanna Twitter]
[The Grio: Is Rihanna rice cake tweet a racial slur directed at Chris Brown's girlfriend]

Thanks, D!

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FHM Is Tagalog For SMH: Laughably Racist Magazine Cover

For the cover of FHM Philippines’ March 2012 issue, someone thought it’d be an awesome idea to surround 20 year-old Filipina actress Bela Padilla with a group of black models. The racial message of the photo’s bad enough. Light-skinned model–or can we just say white here because that’s how it reads?– on a pedestal surrounded by dark-skinned models in subordinate positions. Then consider the fact that this is published for the Philippines, a country where it’s estimated half of the women bleach their skin.

Then there’s the caption. OH MY GOD, THE CAPTION.

After a petition was created to protest this cover, it’s been pulled and sent back into “the shadows,” back to the place where our world’s latent colonialist fantasies continue to reside, sipping their gin cocktails and lamenting “the good ol’ days.”

[via Daily Beast]

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