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DISGRASIAN OF THE WEAK! 2 Broke Girls’ Creator Michael Patrick King

With “February sweeps” right around the corner–one of the “sweeps months” when networks pull out all the stops to juke ratings so that, based on those increased viewership numbers, they can set ad prices for the rest of the year–I wanted to talk about the recent dustup over CBS’ new hit sitcom 2 Broke Girls, which will resume airing new episodes next week.

Michael Patrick King and the 2 Broke Girls at the TCA Event

A few weeks ago at the Television Critics Association’s (TCA) Winter Press Tour, 2 Broke Girls‘ co-creator Michael Patrick King, who’s best known for his work on Sex and the City, became defensive over reporters’ questions concerning the broke-ass racial and ethnic stereotypes on the show.

If you haven’t seen the show, the stereotypes in question involve the show’s secondary characters who work at the same diner as the two broke girls. There’s Oleg, the pervy Ukrainian cook; Earl, the black, jive-talking cashier; and Han Lee, the diner owner, a Korean immigrant who speaks in heavily-accented Engrish and is frequently the butt of jokes because of his “foreign-ness.” Andrew Ti, the razor-sharp mind behind Yo, Is This Racist?, describes Han in a Grantland post as a “tiny, greedy, sexless man-child.” Most of the questions that appeared to anger King at the TCA event concerned the particularly offensive portrayal of Han Lee.

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Even If You Hate This Meme By Now You Have To Watch Shit Asian Moms Say

I’ve kinda hated every new incarnation of Shit [Fill-In-The-Blank] People Say with greater intensity until I saw this video. Maybe it’s cuz Asian Moms are funnier than the rest of us. But this right here is TRUTH:

“NO SHAKY LEG!!!” reminds me of the time my cousin, when she was 7 years old, told me her HAM told her that shaking your leg at the table meant you were a slut. Or, in the words of this vid, someone who goes out “every day tryna have the sex.”

[JustKiddingFilms on YouTube]

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The Chicago Teen Beating And Cycles Of Violence [UPDATE]

By now, many of you have already seen the shocking video of a 17 year-old Asian American teen from the south side of Chicago getting the shit beaten out of him by 6 other teens, most of whose identities are obscured by hoodies and ski masks, while one other person films the attack.

The victim was robbed and treated for a laceration to his lip, bruising, and abrasions, according to WaPo.

The Chicago police have ruled out that the assault was racially motivated–you can hear the perpetrators calling the victim the N-word throughout–while the Internet police on various forums have corroborated that notion by publishing the perpetrators’ names, addresses, phone numbers, Facebook pages–even their parents’ names–since the video surfaced. At least 4 of the 6 assailants are also Asian American (Chinese, to be specific, judging by their names).

Now comes these two videos, uploaded by a female friend [commenters on various sites have claimed she's the one who filmed the attack but that can't be verified--Ed.] of the assailants, who contends that the 6 on 1 attack was “payback” for another attack in which Continue reading The Chicago Teen Beating And Cycles Of Violence [UPDATE]

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Shit Asian Girls Say: Does It Speak To You?

Only just getting around to seeing our version of the Shit Girls Say meme:

What do you think, Asian Girls? Does this shit sound familiar? Reply below in the comments section!

Thanks, Kenny!

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Intern Jasmine’s Links Of The Daysian

If this is what it is like to work for the legendary restauranteur Mr. Chow, sign me up for Camp Chow. [Nowness]

All the way with George Takei! Our favorite Star Trek cast member (original flava, of course) is going to be on the next season of “Celebrity Apprentice.” [Crushable]

This produce packs a punch! Manny “Pac-Man” Pacquiao now has his own line of vegetables called, fittingly, Pacquiao Produce. [YouTube]

Congratulations, Matthew Fox! You’re the latest White dude to save Japan on the big screen. We’ll be sending you a floral arrangement in the shape of Tom Cruise’s character from The Last Samurai. [Movieline]

The Japanese National Tourism Organization really wanted to fly 10,000 folks to Japan for free, but, alas, they cannot. [The Savvy Stews]

Our dreams of being Twitter besties with the one and only Wendi “Mrs. Rupert Murdoch” Deng have been dashed. The Twitter account @wendi_deng, which took Twitter by storm a few days ago was run by an imposter.[Gawker]


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DISGRASIAN OF THE WEAK! Racist “Manchurian Candidate” Video Released By Ron Paul Supporters

Michele Bachmann may have dropped out of the Republican presidential race this week, but there’s still plenty of crazy left among the remaining contenders and their supporters. Take this YouTube video put out by Ron Paul devotees “NHLiberty4Paul,” which paints Republican rival Jon Huntsman, former ambassador to China, as a “Manchurian Candidate,” a socialist, a supporter of Chinese “values,” and, ultimately, un-American, all because he–gasp!–speaks Mandarin and has an adopted daughter from China (and India):

So, basically, if you speak Chinese, look Chinese, have ever had an interest in the world Continue reading DISGRASIAN OF THE WEAK! Racist “Manchurian Candidate” Video Released By Ron Paul Supporters

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