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What Brainwashing Looks Like: North Koreans Mourn Kim Jong-il

Of course, I hope this was all a show for the North Korean media and that everyone went home and secretly did a happy dance, but even with Kim Jong-il gone, it doesn’t seem that life’s going to get better for North Koreans any time soon.

[ Mourning in North Korea, worries in South]

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Guess We Should Call It “Chink-fil-A”: Chick-fil-A Employee Dubs Asian Patrons “Ching” And “Chong”

I used to love Chick-fil-A growing up. That simple chicken sandwich, with its yellow mustard and sliced pickles and nothing else in the way of adornments, those hefty waffle fries, the samples they used to give out while you were walking by in the was a cut above all the other fast food chains.

The chicken sandwiches are still tasty, so I’m told, but everything else about the company has become increasingly unpalatable. The company actively hates gays and gay marriage, donating nearly $2 million to anti-gay groups in 2009. It’s also no friend to the little guy. The company’s currently suing Bo Muller-Moore, a Vermont folk artist, for trademark infringement because Muller-Moore has been selling t-shirts since 2000 that say “Eat More Kale,” which Chick-fil-A contends too closely resembles its intentionally-misspelled trademark “Eat Mor Chikin.”

And now this: on a recent trip to the Irvine, CA Chick-fil-A location, two Asian students were rung up as “Ching” and “Chong” by a “team member” named Lia.

An argument could be made that this was only an isolated act of prejudice made by one Chick-fil-A employee, but the fact is, Chick-fil-A is renowned for rigorously vetting its employees so that hires reflect the company’s “values.” Forbes reported in 2007 that a training manager for the chain went through 17 job interviews before he was hired, and this was only after he was rejected a first time, after 7 interviews. Chick-fil-A founder S. Truett Cathy said in the same profile:

“You don’t have to be a Christian to work at Chick-fil-A, but we ask you to base your business on biblical principles because they work.”

So if Lia is the kind of employee Chick-fil-A believes reflects its own principles, then it’s safe to say that the only thing the chicken joint’s serving up these days is a big, fat, juicy bullshit sandwich.

[via Angry Asian Man]

UPDATE: Chick-fil-A’s issued a statement addressing this incident and confirming that Lia’s been fired. In the statement, the company chalks up their ex-employee’s behavior to “immaturity, failed judgment, and human error.” The company maintained that it still hates gays, however, but will continue to be happy to serve them in their restaurants.*

*The last part of this statement was not actually made by the company, though it’s presumed true.

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