This Guy Loves Hockey Almost As Much As He Loves F*cking Shit Up

June 16th, 2011 | 6 comments | Posted by Jen

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you news of hockey. Yes, hockey! A sport that people still watch, care about, and even majorly fuck shit up over!

To wit: After the Vancouver Canucks lost the Stanley Cup to the Boston Bruins Wednesday, hundreds of angry fans in the city of Vancouver went Vancuckoo, rioting, setting cars on fire, and sending 150 people to the hospital for treatment. Nine police officers were injured in the melee, and some officers, according to police chief Jim Chu, suffered “bite marks.” Eesh.

Who knew Canadians even rioted?

For that matter, who knew Asian Canadians rioted?

Sometimes, I prefer when stereotypes go unchallenged.

[via @YourChineseMom]

Thanks, Eukadanz!

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6 Responses to “This Guy Loves Hockey Almost As Much As He Loves F*cking Shit Up”

  1. Angela J says:

    i registered for an account just so i could say something.

    the few who started the riot were NOT canucks hockey fans. many of those who were arrested were confirmed by police officers that they were first of all, NOT from vancouver and second of all, brought pepper spray, goggles, spray paint, etc with them and planned to riot regardless of the outcome.
    many vancouver citizens and canucks fans were appalled and embarrassed by the rioters. i would know firsthand, because obviously, i’m from vancouver. what happened last night does not define this city.
    why aren’t people focusing on the fact that vancouverites have been helping to clean the mess from last night. many woke up early this morning, put on their gloves and grabbed plastic bags to help clean up. photo evident here:

    it’s upsetting that the media has decided to lump hockey fan + rioters into one category. we are not the same people.

  2. mizzj says:

    Agreed. I too am a Vancouverite and I can vouch that everyone here is disgusted with the behaviour of these individuals. There are tons of photos and videos online depicting regular citizens literally fighting off people to protect city property, and using their very bodies to prevent cars from being set on fire. My friend saw one woman sitting on top of a police car for 10 mins to prevent these idiots from lighting it on fire, until they literally dragged her body off it. This is not what Vancouver or hockey is about. If the media is going to be truly objective, why not report on that news too.

  3. Savannah123 says:

    That guy is in my info tech class at school.

  4. vancity_canuck says:

    I’m from Vancouver too. And I’ve been in the city long enough to remember the 1994 riots. Also the violence that (luckily) got stopped on the opening days of the Olympics.

    There are definitely a lot of crazy people in Vancouver. And it was not a “select” few. There were many thousands of people downtown, enough to pack West Georgia, and Granville & Robson during the peak time of the riots.

    There were people on roofs, destroying property, burning and looting. Sure, there were brave few who tried to stop it – but they were outnumbered as evidence in the many videos.

    Yeah, there was a clean-up. But Canucks fans need to own up, first it was ’94, now again in ’11. Sure there was a good group that organized a clean up. But The first hour and a half after the game ended was nuts. A lot of people were egging the the rioters on, or posing in photographs in front of their destruction too.

  5. Kwan says:

    wait a minute here… that picture was taken in the day, but didn’t the riots happen at night?

  6. Jen says:

    @vancity_canuck Just admit it–it’s you in the photo! *dials Vancouver PD*

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