Gawker Reports Mark Zuckerberg’s Engaged, Which Leads To A Discussion Of What’s Wrong With Asian Women, Naturally

June 13th, 2011 | 10 comments | Posted by Jen

Mark Zuckerberg is engaged! Maybe. Bill Gates seems to think so anyway, calling Zuckerberg’s longtime girlfriend, med student Priscilla Chan, Zuck’s “fiancee” in a recent interview. Gawker picked up on this, and naturally, naturally, a conversation ensued in the comments section concerning why someone like Cilla would be with someone like Zuck.



(P.S. Priscilla Chan is a Massachusetts native and therefore “American.” But I digress.)


What, no comments about gold-digging? Seems like a fairly obvious angle, pre-nup or no. Don’t you think Asian women love money, Gawker commenters? Huh? It’s like you don’t know us at all.

Oh wait.

[Gawker: Mark Zuckerberg Is Engaged, According to Bill Gates]

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10 Responses to “Gawker Reports Mark Zuckerberg’s Engaged, Which Leads To A Discussion Of What’s Wrong With Asian Women, Naturally”

  1. vancity_canuck says:

    You can’t really deny theory #1. According to the movie, they met at a Jewish frat party.

    Why would any Asian girl be at a Jewish frat party unless…

    1) She had a thing for Jewish guys

    2) There was absolutely no other party on campus. Or any other social event on campus.

    I’ve been to Jewish frat parties. They’re really boring, and I’d imagine they’re an even bigger killjoy at Harvard. It’s definitely not a scene that attracts hot chicks and cool guys. I’m not saying for sure she was looking for Jewish guys…

    But you don’t go to a GM dealer looking to buy a Toyota, if you know what I’m sayin’ ;)

  2. aptkane says:

    Meh…I’m an Ugly White dude married to a “better looking than I” Asian woman. I say we just be happy for them and leave it at that.

  3. pompom says:

    Literally EVERY Gawker mention of Zuckerberg/Chan spawns endless stupid comments about Jewish/White male – Asian female couples. And there will be plenty of gold-digging comments, for it matters not that Priscilla Chan predates Facebook (and is studying to be a damn doctor), because Gawker folk believe in the Social Network’s version of history – see comment #1 above – where Asian chicks don’t exist but to give blow jobs in bathroom stalls.

  4. anmous says:

    You forgot a great reason for Asians to be attracted to Jewish people: They share the pain of being raised by parents with extreme expectations.

  5. Jen says:

    @pompom Well-said.

  6. AsiansOnYouTube says:

    Um… she’s not exactly a 10…

    Zuck is multi-billionaire, I figured he could at least upgrade to a 7…

  7. Denton commenters there: 90% Sinospheric straight males, standing in sharp relief to the Denton writers who are 90% bignose confirmed bachelors and Apple Genius Bar part-timers who live in Williamsburg with their collection of trucker hats. Neither group has a shred of a scintilla of a clue about the other’s plight, and Mark is a bit too busy overthrowing Arab dictators in rapid succession to bother with such petty ethnocentric squabbles (that’s POTUS’s dept.)

  8. vancity_canuck says:

    Jen & PomPom,

    According to an interview she did, they actually DID meet at a Jewish Frat Party.

    Sometimes stereotypes ring of ignorance. But sometimes they ring true. In this case, Priscilla Chan met Mark Zuckerberg at a Jewish frat party, in the line for the bathroom.

    So, unless she has a thing for really boring, sausage fest parties or every other college bar was closed, she was probably looking to hook up with a Jewish dude.

    Not saying she was a gold digger. Just saying she probably was looking up to hook up with a Jewish guy. Just because she was studying for med school doesn’t mean she wasn’t at a Jewish frat party trying to hook-up. Sheesh guys, don’t kill the messenger.

    Here’s a source where it’s mentioned:

  9. Jen says:

    @vancity_canuck How is my “well-said” to @pompom’s comment “killing the messenger” exactly? @pompom was pointing out the general stupidity of Gawker comments vis-a-vis Asian chick/White dude pairings, and I was concurring. The Gawker comments on the particular post I was citing are no exception. They’re dumb, just dumb. It’s silly–not to mention degrading and sexist in this instance–to look at one singular relationship and extrapolate some kind of “truth” about all relationships that “look” like that one, which is how the comments on that particular Gawker post ended up devolving.

    I wasn’t responding in any way to your previous comment by agreeing with @pompom, but since you reiterated it again, I’ll say this. Maybe Priscilla Chan has a thing for dorky Jewish guys. I dunno. Maybe she went to that frat party that night with the express purpose of hooking up with a Jewish dude. Again, I dunno. What I do know is that I ended up at a lot of college parties with all kinds of groups of people and it never had anything to do with wanting to hook up with a specific kind of person. The black fraternity parties put on step shows. The gay dance parties had the best music and attendance. The piggiest, date rapiest frat on campus–the same one that was suspended this year for chanting “No means yes, yes means anal” during initiation–had parties with tons of beer. It’s college, people go to all kinds of parties. There’s a randomness to these things that’s dismissed out of hand if there’s a more convenient stereotype to glom on to.

    I don’t know why Priscilla Chan is with Mark Zuckerberg, and I don’t care. I only take issue with the idea that their relationship says something universal about Asian women.

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