Time To Dust Off Those Old Photos: Fuck Yeah, Asians With Perms!

March 10th, 2011 | 11 comments | Posted by Jen

A couple buddies of mine inspired me to post an old yearbook photo to Facebook today, a photo taken when my hair was permed and at its biggest, which elicited comments from women and men alike that they, too, had similar photo skeletons in the closet. Of course, when I demanded that they post said “Asians with Perms” photos, everyone balked. Said that shit was burned, destroyed, locked away forever.


See, the thing is, these photos are important. They’re a cultural document. I don’t think the next gen is going to have to resort to chemically-processing their hair to fit in, but we did. Normally, internalized racism vis-a-vis beauty–i.e. the things non-white people do to look like white people because that’s what’s considered beautiful–is sad and sometimes dangerous and also, um, sad, but, I’m sorry, Asians with perms are fuckin’ hilarious. Besides, everyone wants hair like ours now anyway, so no one will remember that things went the other way once upon a time, follically-speaking, unless we start an archive.

Which is why I present to you my new Tumblr…Fuck Yeah, Asians With Perms!

The inaugural photo is aforementioned and of yours truly. You’re welcome. The rest is up to you…now accepting submissions.

[Fuck Yeah, Asians With Perms!]

Thanks to Jeff & Jeff, for the inspirasian!

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11 Responses to “Time To Dust Off Those Old Photos: Fuck Yeah, Asians With Perms!”

  1. Mr Lady says:

    I have lived my entire adult life FURIOUS with my mother for destroying all evidence of my existence pre-1992.

    I suddenly feel like I owe her an apology, or at least a thank you note.

    Related: I had the world’s worst beauty school perm in the history of mankind. Fact.

  2. Diana says:

    @mr lady yearbook photos?!!? peas!!

  3. johnnyboy says:


  4. PoweredByRice says:

    I never had a perm…as I’m a DUDE. :) But man, I knew a lot of dudes from Hong Kong that had perms…straight-up Greg Brady perms during the early 90′s.

    I’ll never forget this one time I was in Vegas in 1993…this guy from Hong Kong sat next to me at the Pai Gow table…..he was sportin’ the most god-awful black and gold paisley Versace shirt you have ever seen. He had the perm…..and was carrying a MAN-PURSE.

    Whenever I get pissed about the stereotypical feminization of Asian men in American popular culture I think about that dude and shake an imaginary fist at him.

    Damn you Versace-wearing perm-boy with the Clutch. Damn YOUUUUUU!

  5. Jen says:

    @PBR My big brother had a perm, and he was a dude who got plenty of play. Ain’t no shame.

  6. tifguevara says:

    I’m pretty sure that if I were born a bit earlier, my mother would have had made me get a perm. She did, her sister did, and all my female cousins did, the only thing spared from all that perm-iness was my four-year old head. And we don’t even live in the vicinity of white people let alone the US.

  7. Mr Lady says:

    Oh, @Diana, when I say she burned everything, she burned EVERYTHING. It’s a tragic tale of woe that ends in ‘no one ever has to see the freakshow that is me with an afro.’

  8. stepaside says:

    I’m an Asian chick with naturally curly hair so my “Asians with Perms” photo would be me with a straight perm…which, frankly, is not that exciting. Now that I wear my hair naturally again, people have been asking me where “I got my perm”. Heh.

  9. goodenoughasian says:

    My mom repeatedly forced me to get those god awful home perms at the hands of my aunt, so there was no getting out of it. I have some serious hair trauma as a result.

    My first forced hair perm started with getting my first communion pictures taken at Olin Mills when I was seven or eight. I’m in the Philippines right now, but when I’m back home in the States, I’ll for sure submit for Fuck Yeah, Asians With Perms! It won’t be for several months though.

    I have thick, thick, straight Filipino hair, so you know I got the super toxic, extra strength home perm solutions that smelled of old lady perm for days. Imagine that with my big eight year old horse teeth and you got a really awful, but priceless Asian with perm picture.

  10. Crystal says:

    Looking at the title, I wonder what kind of Google searches will come to this specific post.

  11. Le says:

    This is total LOLZ!!!!! :D

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