The Leaked K-Town Sizzle Reel: Mystery Revealed

March 24th, 2011 | 4 comments | Posted by Diana

After all the press, the protests, the heated discussions, the murmurs and the speculasian foisted upon the K-Town reality show since its Craigslist casting notice went out a year ago… there better be some seriously effed up ess when the show finally airs. Like, seriously effed up ess.

But who knows when or where that will be? Although producer Tyrese Gibson and some cast members Twittered about a broadcast deal just before the holidays, there is no confirmation of what net will dare air the wonderful atrocities committed by these golden-skinned hot messes. Thusly, we’re all left hanging until there’s something to set to record on our DVRs.

Or are we? Because apparently, the sizzle reel–a piece of video cut for the purpose of selling the show–has been leaked. And hell, if it’s one iota as juicy as cast member Peter Le’s personal site, we’re, ehrm, pretty interested. So much talk has been talked, so much filming filmed, so much hype hyped—WHAT DIRRTY ANTICS did they shoot to sell this bitch?! Sky’s the limit!

Here it is, from Angry Asian Man:

Ah. I see, there’s humping and grinding.

Don’t get me wrong! I love humping and grinding and booze shots and karaoke (I actually think they might be drunkenly singing at Jen’s and my spot, Yi Ga Ju) and hot abs and girl-on-girl action. But come ON, gimme gimme more (as Britney would say)!

Maybe this is a little bit too TV producer-y of me, but could the show creators have at least produced a little scene–nay, a teeny-tiny scenelet to show buyers just how nutzballz these people are? Or what their voices sound like? Could the viewer possibly have heard some of the hair yanking fight-o-bonanza that’s clearly happening at 0:35, or the subsequent whimpering at 0:37 (fans of Korean dramas know there is no sound more iconic than that of a Korean woman wailing and crying)? Not to sound like a Network dick or whatever, but I wanna see that there’s a there there, goddammit! And uh, I would’ve let that girl-on-girl moment breathe a little, y’know? It’s so good. At least I think it is, from the quick cuts of that wacky musical montage.

Okay, I’ll stop giving notes. But I have reality TV blue balls right now. All I’m asking for is that somebody finally air this fuckin’ show already, so Jen and I can love the shit out of it and tear it apart.

[via Angry Asian Man]


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4 Responses to “The Leaked K-Town Sizzle Reel: Mystery Revealed”

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  2. TruePhillyCheeseSteak says:

    Scintillating, eye-popping, and OMG more Asian male ab action! One qualm…Model Minority? Really? That was so 1966, and 1970 and 1994…

  3. droc2pus says:

    The best part of the show will be finding out Peter Le is gay porn star. Google at your own risk

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