‘Asians In The Library’ And ‘God Is So Good,’ DISGRASIAN-style

March 15th, 2011 | 12 comments | Posted by Jen & Diana

As some of you know, our site was down yesterday.

And unlike most Monday mornings, where the most disturbing thing greeting us first thing is our weekend hangovers, there was so much bad shit going on in the world.

In other words, so much bad shit to blog about.

There was the ongoing tragedy taking place in post-earthquake, post-tsunami Japan.

There was the ongoing tragedy taking place on Twitter, enacted by randos and well-known players alike–50 Cent, Gilbert Gottfried, the WNBA’s Cappie Poindexter, Family Guy writer Alec Sulkin–that made fun of the ongoing tragedy in Japan.

And, of course, there were also those two viral videos. The one about Asians in the library from UCLA student Alexandra Wallace, and the one about God punishing Japan with the earthquake because it’s a country of atheists (which has since been revealed as a hoax and the work of a troll).

Like we said: SO MUCH BAD SHIT.

So how, in a moment like this, could the Internet betray us and leave us without a forum to air out our grievances? Normally, we’d blame evil gnomes–which a friend suggested look exactly like Arcade Fire–but this was different. This was bigger.

And we had theories as to who was responsible.

Jen’s explanation for what happened yesterday:

And Diana’s:

Blame it on the racists, or the trolls, or the racist trolls, or God, or God punishing the racists or the trolls or the racist trolls or the trolling racists, but all we can say about our server crashing on a day like yesterday is: it was a blessing in disguise.

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12 Responses to “‘Asians In The Library’ And ‘God Is So Good,’ DISGRASIAN-style”

  1. Cindy says:

    @Diana…kind of wishing you were wearing the chinese cleavage bustier in your video.

  2. phoenixc says:

    Hilarious! And what Cindy said.

  3. charm says:

    These were great! Why don’t you post these on your disgrasian youtube channel? I’m pretty sure it would go viral.

  4. Curryface says:

    I think you guys would like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zulEMWj3sVA

  5. Mach1 says:

    Man, both of you are hot!
    I’d give up a percentage
    of my hearing to take either
    one out.

  6. FeO says:

    i’m not entirely ashamed to admit that before yesterday i didn’t know that there was another definition for “troll” other than a creature that lives under a bridge.

  7. Diana says:

    @Cindy Full disclosure: I stuffed my bra for the first time since age 11 for this video! Two pairs of socks per boob. I can only imagine what could have been accomplished with the Chinese cleavage clamp.

  8. Diana says:

    @Curryface see today’s Rock of Asian! xoxo

  9. rameyko says:

    For a really powerful, moving response, definitely check out Beau Sia’s poem.

  10. anna_belle says:

    The Asia Foundation is working with local Japanese organizations in response to the disaster. 95% of the profits will to Japanese NGOs!

  11. YeMeiMian says:

    Loving the videos! :) I’ve been an avid reader ever since you two came to talk to Professor Delloro’s AsianAm Studies class at UCLA last spring.

    But as an update to the situation…



    As a student, I’m disappointed by the threats of personal harm or death to Wallace. Yeah, she’s ignorant, but really? Highly unnecessary (just like her video). There hasn’t been a single time I’ve been on campus and thought that I was in any danger. And it shouldn’t be that way for anyone.

    That said, I also feel that UCLA missed an opportunity to educate her by stuffing her in Asian Studies courses (and a Chinese language class to boot).

    On the other hand, the witty and humorous responses to all this hullabaloo provided a huge distraction during our finals week.

  12. karlk9 says:

    Jen and Diana,
    You two were so funny (and hot) in your video responses to the outraged coed whose rant against Asians in the library. Today on Facebook, I saw a post on 8Asians which had more video responses. My favorite was from the guy with an acoustic guitar who wrote a song about Alexandra – “The Ching Chong Song.” Here’s the link:


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