DISGWITTER OF THE WEAK! ABC News’ Sr. White House Correspondent @jaketapper

January 18th, 2011 | 6 comments | Posted by Jen

Chinese president Hu Jintao arrived in the U.S. Tuesday for a three day-visit that will also include a White House state dinner, the first dinner of its kind for a Chinese leader in 13 years.

CNN reports that the Chinese media has stated Hu “will stress how a constructive, comprehensive partnership between the powers could be mutually beneficial and help ensure stability in Asia and worldwide, despite differences between Beijing and Washington.”

The American media, meanwhile, is heralding this important visit with…CHINESE FOOD JOKES!

At least ABC News’ Senior White House Correspondent Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) is. As President Hu’s plane arrived, Tapper authored this tweet, which has since been deleted:

Oh, he so punny!

But, seriously, guys, he’s already apologized. And he’s really sorry, you know? And also, it wasn’t a joke belittling Asians, it was a joke belittling airplanes! And airplanes don’t have feelings, okay? Besides, it’s Twitter’s fault anyway:

And with that, Tapper’s back to punny business two tweets later:

If any of you are offended, remember Tapper is sorry, although deep down he believes that something is very, very wong with you.

[Twitpic via @lhfang]
[Jake Tapper on Twitter]

Thanks, Frank!

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6 Responses to “DISGWITTER OF THE WEAK! ABC News’ Sr. White House Correspondent @jaketapper”

  1. johnminh says:

    I suddenly have an urge to put pee pee in his coke.

  2. turkfontaine says:

    laugh while you can Jake. someday you will be scrubbing the toilets at CCTV. probably we all will.

    and here’s my favorite Chinese food joke. “i had lunch in a Chinese-German restaurant. an hour later, i was hungry for power.”

  3. Diana says:

    @johnminh and visine.

  4. Kwan says:

    “Chinatown” huh? he must have gotten a joke book from the “Wong Fook Hing Book Store”

  5. James says:

    I really don’t think that won ton tweet is very offensive? I’m frankly surprised he had to apologise.

    And that second “Chinatown” tweet is a reference to the Roman Polanski movie of the same name, I can’t see how that is derogatory at all.

  6. Jen says:

    @James I’m aware that the second tweet–which is a RT and not authored by Tapper–is a reference to Chinatown the movie. I actually had a long email conversation with him about the whole thing and think he’s a decent dude. And yes, while the won ton tweet in the grand scheme of things isn’t as offensive as other jokes, and I think Tapper genuinely thought he was making a pure pun, food jokes with regard to Asian people are by and large incredibly offensive. Think pu pu platters, flied lice, dog-eating, “mistaking” Asian men for Chinese take-out delivery boys. There’s a sensitivity around food jokes with regard to Asians with good reason, and people are going to be offended because a won ton pun about a plane carrying a delegation of Chinese people starts to edge into that territory.

    Which is exactly what happened here. After Tapper made the pun, some of his followers came back with far more offensive jokes, like ones where the r’s and l’s are switched. That right there should tell you that there is something wrong with the won ton joke. Because after it was made, some people thought it was okay to make truly racist jokes. It was like, Well, if a media figure is making fun of Asians, why can’t I?

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