Palin’s Nailin’ It

November 24th, 2010 | 6 comments | Posted by Diana

Blame the Sarah Palin Media Blitz (2010 Edition), but the former governor of Alaska is a big ticket item in the news today. And not just because she’s peddling that new book or officially declaring a run for presidency (President Palin? That event would be so cataclysmic and shameful that just posting the words could implode the DISGRASIAN server). Thank goodness.

Instead, mills were a-buzzin’ when Dancing With The Stars judge Carrie Ann Inaba dished with Access Hollywood about meeting Ms. Palin at the Dancing finale:

I did meet [Sarah] because, you know, my dad loves her,” Carrie Ann told Billy Bush and Kit Hoover, of Bristol’s mom. “So, I went and introduced myself. I was like, ‘My dad loves you, so, I have to say hello.’

“And you know what? She’s so charming!” Carrie Ann laughed. “I was like, ‘Girl crush!’”

The “crush” continued as Carrie Ann noticed a new glow emanating from “The Pistol’s” Mama Grizzly.

“She’s really nice. And I think she spray-tanned for the finale!” Carrie Ann exclaimed. “One of the crew guys came up and he goes, ‘Look at Sarah. Do you think she spray-tanned?’ And I looked at her and I’m like, ‘I think she did!’

This is important because truth be told, Jen and I have always wondered how Palin maintains her warm and ruddy glow living all the way in gloomy Alaska! Like, totally, Carrie Ann! GIRL CRUSH! La dee dah!

In other news, Sarah Palin was on the Glenn Beck radio show today and, until corrected by Beck’s co-host, sputtered on a bunch of her usual policy nothings while criticizing the current White House stance on North Korea.

PALIN: But obviously, we’ve got to stand with our North Korean allies. We’re bound to by treaty –

CO-HOST: South Korean.

PALIN: Eh, Yeah. And we’re also bound by prudence to stand with our South Korean allies, yes.

AH yes, our allies in North Korea. Look at us just sittin’ around, sayin, “Oh no, what are we gonna do?” We should be firing up NK’s nukes, baby!

Oh, I know, I know. What’s the big deal about her confusing our allied South Korea with its powerful, totalitarian, non-complying neighbor–y’know, the one that could effectively launch the third World War? It’s just another Palin gaffe, another harmless slip-up in her growing canon of mind-blowingly stupid, yet totally toxic statements. Never mind that Palin’s growing stable of feeble-minded supporters continue to put their trust, minds, and more importantly, potential vote, into the hands of this fool, despite her glaring lack of qualifications and even more shocking lack of interest in becoming a knowledgable leader. Palin, who boldly misunderstands the duties of the offices she pursues, happily lies her way to the Bestseller list, and casually bullshits her way through an ignorant critical response on the Koreas the day after the North unleashes its fiercest “maintenance” attack on the South in decades, COULD BE OUR NEXT PRESIDENT. This toolbag, whose wink, smile and Facebook status updater has allowed her to take over our popular curiosity and poison our political dialogue, is–despite every red flag in the book–racking up numbers in the polls in support of her run for the highest office in our country. But yeah, who the eff cares? People make mistakes! Does every political persona have to be accountable for every word, every second of the day? Puhleeze! You gotchers and hateraters need to take a chill pill!

Especially when there are more important Palin items to think about. Now, what kind of spray-tan do you think she uses?

[NY Daily News: Sarah Palin on Glenn Beck's radio show - 'We gotta stand with our North Korean allies']
[Access Hollywood: Carrie Ann Inaba’s Crush On Sarah Palin: ‘She Spray-Tanned!’]

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6 Responses to “Palin’s Nailin’ It”

  1. farleyk says:

    Wow, that was one intense paragraph up there. Delicious.
    It’s frightening that someone whose understanding of our government is below the level of the average five year old who’s watched a few Schoolhouse Rock segments has aspirations to be president.

  2. kissthestick says:

    lmao, what a dumbass, people like her have been claiming minorities dont have enough class, yet she cant tell the difference between the koreas? wow

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  4. dalianmoon says:

    Be afraid. We all saw what happened the last time an ignorant dumb f*** became President. Power in the hands of the stupid is a dangerous thing indeed.

  5. aptkane says:

    She’d never get anywhere if she runs, regular conservatives like myself know she’s not a key player in anything. Maybe if this country would read a book now and then instead of obsessing about shows like Dancing with the Stars, we’d realize this, but instead, most people seem content to make politics into another team vs. team contest.

  6. Yoli says:

    The woman is an all around disgrace.

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