Viva Hate: Dr. Moz Classifies Chinese People As A “Subspecies”

September 7th, 2010 | 15 comments | Posted by Diana

Oh, Moz.

You, ol’ boy, have always been a curmudgeonly, conflicted, narcissistic, arrogant little cunt of a man. A curmudgeonly, conflicted, narcissistic, arrogant little cunt with the voice of a silvery angel, but a cunt nonetheless. And maybe that’s what most people love about you. In an age where most rock stars are just reality-star-husbands-in-training or rehab seat fillers, it’s quite a rarity for a music persona to commit fully to the persona, and completely reject being a real person. So the magical music man that is less a man than an endless well of contradictions can be a welcome reprieve, a thing to be endlessly fascinated by, a mystery perpetually left unsolved: A fay macho-guy. A gaudy, attention-whoring recluse. A bitter-tongued poet. A bleak dreamer. A senescent child.

In the decades that I have followed you and your work, I’ve always rationalized that the element anchoring all of your wild idiosyncrasies–the extreme beliefs and outlandish statements, offensively defensive attitude, insistence on flapping that damn mic cord all around the stage like a lasso while every other performer in the world has gone wireless–was intelligence. You are a self-taught educated man. A smart man. A man of many nuances.

How then, did this comment, made to poet and Guardian writer Simon Armitage, come to pass?

“Did you see the thing on the news about their treatment of animals and animal welfare? Absolutely horrific. You can’t help but feel that the Chinese are a subspecies.”

Let’s not even start by saying that this is one of the more loaded statements ever uttered by a Love Hate Music Racism spokesman. Your opinions, based on the cultural behavior of a nation, have caused you to make a categorical conclusion about its people’s biology, assessing a nationality but judging a race. And let’s be real here, when you criticize “the Chinese,” it has much larger ethnic implications –and by referring to the Chinese as a “subspecies,” you basically contend that anything from that lineage (like, say, Chinese Americans) are subhuman.

But really, after all, if you really do empathize  with all occupants of the lower taxonomic orders more than the homo sapien, perhaps your affections and sympathies really belong with said subspecies.

Maybe you’re not so smart after all. Or old age also turned that tongue of yours, once a skilled whittling knife, into a dull axe. OR maybe it’s simply too much to ask that someone so averse to being human refrain from dehumanizing others.

Little man, what now?


[via HuffPo]
[Guardian: Morrissey Interview - Big Mouth Strikes Again]

Thanks, Cate and Anthony!

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15 Responses to “Viva Hate: Dr. Moz Classifies Chinese People As A “Subspecies””

  1. Teamrobhogg says:


  2. CrixLee says:

    what the FUCK. wow. SO GLAD I put in 25 years in as a Smiths/Moz fan.

    did I mention, and stop me if you think that you’ve heard this one before, I’m Korean/Chinese?

  3. [...] Viva Hate: Dr. Moz Classifies Chinese People As A “Subspecies … [...]

  4. dalianmoon says:

    And to think I used to crush on this jackass. (I was in middle school, okay?) As I sit here gazing at the sweet face of my half Chinese baby girl, I can’t help but take his words personally. How dare he!
    It would bother me even more if Morrissey were still relevant.

    Also, he is aging horribly.

  5. Liu Jing says:

    meat is a bikini

  6. johnminh says:

    Sounds like another candidate for dick cancer!

  7. BusyDad says:

    I will eat a Mozburger, if just to prove that I am higher than he on the foodchain. Then I will discover a new vaccine with this bone marrow.

    Subspecies, that!

  8. lost duck says:

    morrissey is a strict vegetarian and animal lover. he made this comment to prove a point that animal abuse/neglect is commonplace in china. although he didn’t state any, i’m sure there are implications of the difference in values placed on animals being used as pets or tools. i think morrissey feels like his audience is intelligent enough to know that he doesn’t mean every chinese person on earth is part of a subspecies…..i think he has enough faith in us to deduce that he’s condemning those that are abusive towards animals. if people get offended, its because people don’t really know him. and if you still are offended i don’t think he really cares. morrissey is an outspoken provocateur….and happens to be the lyricist of the century.

    mozzer posse for life

  9. Diana says:

    @lost duck oh, i understand moz. trust me now.

  10. Li says:

    “If Morrissey says not to eat meat, then I’m going to eat meat; that’s how much I hate Morrissey.”

    -Robert Smith of The Cure

  11. Jen says:

    @Li Finally, I understand why I was always a Cure fan but never a Smiths fan.

  12. lost duck says:

    The Cure – “monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday i’m in love”…blah blah blah These are the sophomoric lyrics The Cure used to reach their legion of teen fans.

    The Smiths – “I decree today that life in the taking and not giving, England is mine…..and it owes me a living. Ask me why and I’ll spit in your eye.”

    Morrissey is like Omar Little, he might be gay but he’s the toughest dude on the block.

    Choosing the Cure over the Smiths is like being from LA and rooting for the Clippers instead of the Lakers. Morrissey is a true lyrical genius to be mentioned in the same breath as Sade and Eazy E. Robert Smith is not on that level.

  13. Jen says:

    @lost duck Funny you should mention the Clips, because I do live in LA and I happen to root for the Clippers. It takes absolutely no imagination to root for the Lakers, or any kind of perennial winner for that matter. Frankly, it’s boring, kind of like your condescension.

  14. lost duck says:

    i apologize if i came across as condescending. i didn’t mean to shit on the clippers or robert smith. i just wanted to illustrate that the lakers are a better team than the clippers. i have no problem with rooting for the underdog…..i sport blue and gold for the warriors all day.

    when it comes to morrissey i get a bit defensive. he’s like that gangster uncle that gets into trouble all the time but you can’t help but love him. i just feel like he’s one of the few true geniuses in music.

  15. Jen says:

    @lost duck Dude, I love your passion for the guy, I really do. But being critical of something Morrissey says that’s objectionable and offensive doesn’t take away from his musical genius, you know?

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