OK Cupid, Whatever You Say

September 10th, 2010 | 11 comments | Posted by Diana

OK Cupid, which evolved from the personality quiz culture of TheSpark.com, is currently one of the biggest dating/social networking sites on the web. With 3.5 million active members, they have a huge online community to dip their stick in (and yes, I wrote it that way on purpose) for dating trend analysis and observations–which are culled and commented upon on the site’s blog, OK Trends.

Earlier this week, in a post called “The REAL ‘Stuff White People Like,’” writer Christian Rudder took on a big chunk of questions:

…and used a sample group of over 500,000 OK Cupid users to forge some answers.

Before checking out what Asians REALLY like, I hypothesized on what my peeps would dig: computers, apps, expensive bags, imported cars, Bruce Lee, Depeche Mode, cute things, stuffed animals, booze, the color red, general awesomeness, robots, Giant Robot, and winning.

OK Trends says (male results on left, female results on right):

Okay, what now? Let me start by saying that I fully support interests in pho, bossa nova, sashimi (who knew the aversion to carbs was so prevalent?), and lip balm (specifically, Aquaphor, Murad, Philosophy, Rosebud Lip Salve and Kiehl’s). I can even get down with Asians being interested in Asians, because, hot damn, we’re the best. But if “coz” is what Jen and I think it is–an abbreviation for “because” or for “cousin” or for, um, “Commercial Overlay Zone“–it is perhaps the lamest interest we’ve ever heard of. Going deeper: Michael fucking Buble? The Time Traveler’s Wife? Tom Clancy? Electrical engineering? WHO ARE THESE NERDS? And why are they all reading Malcolm Gladwell so fervently??

I don’t know, but apparently OK Cupid’s White folks aren’t any cooler:

Seriously? Nicholas Sparks and Soundgarden? Are we for real here? And why ever is Tom Clancy so universally loved?

In fact, Jen and I have scrolled through every ethnicity analyzed by Rudder and frankly, we could only conclude one thing: OK Cupid users are all basically NERDS. Except for one group: Middle Eastern women, who like:

We would probably get it on with these ladies, as long as they didn’t ask us to take them to see Eat, Pray, Love, EVER.

[OK Trends: The REAL 'Stuff White People Like']

Thanks, Tina, Cate, Erica and Erika!

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11 Responses to “OK Cupid, Whatever You Say”

  1. Jen says:

    Red flags notwithstanding–Memoirs of a Geisha, Elizabeth Gilbert, When Harry Met Sally–Middle Eastern women are doooooooooooope. Baudelaire? New Wave? Nina Simone? Tolstoy? Archery???

  2. cDonnaF says:

    I agree: the Middle Eastern women talk about a lot cooler things.

    As a white woman, the only things on the White Women list that I’d pick are “my red hair,” “wine,” “coffee,” the “midwest” (since I live there), “mom” (because I am one), and “animal lover.”
    The “Red Sox” being the number one thing I just don’t get. And what is the deal with “my toes”? Why would so many women mention their toes on their dating site profiles?!

  3. Cindy says:

    I’ve been going about this all wrong…thinking I needed the broadest possible dating pool. Now I’m thinking I need to limit it to Middle Eastern women.

  4. farleyk says:

    Sweet tap dancing kittens, according to this, I should be spending the weekends reading tom clancy or riding my harley to golf while listening to van halen. Any of the music ascribed to my demographic group, for that matter, is horrid. Megadeth? Not even when I was 12.
    ‘Course despite the horrid implications of all that, it’s better than being a hipster.

  5. PoweredByRice says:

    LA Confidential???? WTF?

    I mean heck…the movie was good, but you’re saying that a large number of Asian guys on that dating site listed LA Confidential as one of their favorite movies??

  6. Jen says:

    @farleyk Not even Metallica, just Megadeth!

  7. hahahachu thefluisonyou says:

    which part of silverlake/williamsburg/portland do these okcupid mid-east women live?? i’m uber jealous, i haven’t even read ‘unbearable lightness of being’ but the kite runner (eek) i don’t know…

    As with asians it’s worth pointing out that there is a glaring confusion in okcupid concept of “Asian.” The terms “cricket” and (maybe) “badminton” might more aptly belong to the asian guys across the pond (over in the U.K, where the concept of asian mostly refers to south asians, whereas the U.S well you know) it’s worth pointing out there is a separate category for “indians” and “pacific islanders” the latter being claimed mostly by pinoys (as an indonesian, i was like, really? then again, i was like, alright)

    Shout out to asian hipster chix who like the xx

    I really wanted okc to make the distinction of the gaysian. because as one, i really wanna know how to seduce one (and finally go sticky rice for once)

  8. rockmanj says:

    Charles Baudelaire kicks ass! My second favorite poet! I am curious about the other groups now.

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