Gulf Air Baby “May Be” Up For Adoption

September 14th, 2010 | 2 comments | Posted by Jen

A baby born on a Gulf Air flight from Bahrain to Manila who was found alive in an airplane trash bag Sunday “may be” up for adoption if authorities can’t track down his mother or declare the woman unfit, the AP reports.

Baby George Francis being attended to by nurses

The six-pound, nine-ounce baby boy, named George Francis after the plane’s flight code GF, is doing well, despite only being discovered when an airport security officer noticed something moving in one of the trash bags being removed from the plane. Inside the bag, baby George was covered in blood and tissue paper and still attached to the placenta. He was taken immediately to an airport clinic, where he was cleaned, clothed, and fed. Airport nurse Kate Calvo said, “After he was cleaned, he let off a soft cry.” Philippines Social Welfare Secretary Corazon Soliman told the AP the baby looks Filipino. (Also, judging by the picture above, totally adorbs with a gorgeous shock of hair.)

I’m no expert, but let’s assume that a woman who’d throw her baby away in the trash is unfit to parent and get George Francis adopted already, shall we? After enduring his first moments of life in the rubbish heap and being left to die, this kid deserves The World’s Most Awesomest Parents. He needs parents who are going to embarrass him with hugs and kisses. He needs parents who’ll spoil him with too many toys, carry him when he’s way too old to be carried, and let him sleep in their bed when he’s scared. He needs parents who’ll always be there for him and take him wherever they go.

Basically, he needs these people:

On top of all the obvious benefits, getting adopted by Brangelina means that the Gulf Air flight will be the last time little George Francis EVER flies commercial.

[AP: Philippines says plane baby may be up for adoption]


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2 Responses to “Gulf Air Baby “May Be” Up For Adoption”

  1. Marie says:

    Aww, poor kid. Hopefully, he’ll find a nice home. I cracked up when you said that Brangelina should take him home. Great writing.

  2. Diana says:

    jen, you have definitely nailed good parenting! i would also like to be adopted by brangelina.

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