“Asian Babe” Blacklisted By Google Instant

September 30th, 2010 | 4 comments | Posted by Jen

Google has blacklisted a list of terms for users of Google Instant, to prevent people from accidentally stumbling upon porn, violence, and hate speech, unless they really want their porn, violence, and hate speech. Basically what this means is that Google Instant’s autofill function won’t fill in words like “bisexual,” “Latina,” “gay men,” “rapping women”–for the violent and spelling-impaired–or “n*gger,” so if you’re actually searching using those terms, you have to hit “enter” in order to get your results. Included among these terms–some of which seem incredibly innocuous, like “are” and “meats”–is “asian babe.”

Which makes sense, given that when you search “asian babe,” you get a whole lotta this:

And a whole lotta, um, that:

Google knows it’s in tricky territory, blacklisting words that may offend, which in turn, may offend people who identify as bisexual or Latina or women who spit rhymes for a living who don’t like being lumped in with all that pervy, hatey nonsense, but Google says it’s doing it for the children.

That and those people too lazy to bust a tiny sweat for their porn.

For a complete list of blacklisted terms, click here.

[CNN: Which words does Google Instant blacklist?]
[2600: Google Blacklist - Words That Google Instant Doesn't Like]

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4 Responses to ““Asian Babe” Blacklisted By Google Instant”

  1. Jenny Rain says:

    This is nice of Google, but I feel like I’m still going to stumble on a lot of unwanted porn. Now maybe if Google somehow prevented people from attaching wildly incorrect meta tags to images and videos then I wouldn’t see so many random, offensive things in my search. :( But, then again, I also wouldn’t have any fodder for my ImageGrumbleUpon posts. :)

  2. farleyk says:

    We had a colleague at work, who noticed someone playing a cute little game where you engage in a snowball fight with a bunch of kids. He wanted it on his computer and being of German nationality, felt that an appropriate search term in Google for this was “snowballing”.

    Mayhem ensued.

  3. yellOHpride says:

    Gotta love instant searches… and holy crap, those girl’s boobs are HUGE.

    By the way, Jen and/or Diana…another DISGRASIAN of the WEAK nomination for Cecilia Chang. The dean of St. John’s University who threatened several students that they would lose their scholarships if they did not do the chores that she set out for them. Things like cooking for her, cleaning and washing clothes and chaufferring her family around.

    Talk about Hard-Ass Asian parent! Maybe she didn’t have kids of her own to dictate to?

  4. dalianmoon says:

    “Barenaked Ladies” has been blacklisted, too.

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